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  1. Hi Don I have made something similar based on a Stude Light 6 I have sent a picture my E-Address is I couldn't find rims for my wooden 21" wheels but found a set of Chevy beaded edge wheels that look the part and I am sure I have seen similar on US E-Bay Regards Bill
  2. Hi John to my mind Nickel up to about '26/28 Chrome after eg same as radiator .Regards Bill
  3. Dear 15sd To cut to the point would you be interested in selling this to me to replace a severely damaged one I have Regards Bill info
  4. A useable Standard 6 Cylinder Head and 4 of 21"Kelsey Haynes rims for wooden wheels. Can be sent to Mark at Model T haven for shipping to the UK . Please contact me at If you think you can help . Regards Bill
  5. That is interesting I am working on a '25 Std 6 which is grey no under coat no top coat just grey +rust at some point like Ford did they go for green? Bill.
  6. Hi which model and year car are we talking of ? I imported a '28 Commander to the UK which came with an 8 volt battery which needed replacing but before I did I put the volt meter on the dynamo out put wire and it was reading 19 volts so I moved the third brush which reduced the Voltage ,I removed the primary electrical supply wire and tried a 12 volt battery obviously the motor was spun faster but not dangerously so , I then changed bulbs etc and have now been running on the 12 Volt battery for some years it has made it easier to fit such things as an LPG system .Bill
  7. Hi It was suggested I contact you as there may be a cylinder head for a 1925 onwards Standard 6 amongst your bits . Regards Bill
  8. I to am looking for an oil pump for a Light / Special 6 but the E Address of both Matti and Robert do not connect so if ether gent would contact me Bill Baker at I would be grateful Regards Bill
  9. Hi John is it the same as Item 172307253741 on us E bay ? if so E mail me Bill Baker Ps will be in Sydney in two week's
  10. Remove the wheel The cap has tags that are riveted over on the inside these can be gently bent to push out the cap useful if you wish to put the wheel on an old bubble type balancer
  11. I think I have a 19 inch spare if that is of interest but I am in the UK . Regards Bill Ps looking for 21" split rims for '26 Special 6 Stude
  12. Hi Josh I am not sure where you are But I have an open 4 seat similar to the above in Australia it has both wood and wire wheels the body is sound but rusty and it has no seats I did have it running when I was last out there and it all worked as it should Price $6000 if interested I can send pictures . Regards Bill
  13. Hi all I found this very interesting I have the 25 Special 6 chassis here in the UK and am looking for 21" wheel rims Mark said he would look for me but so far no luck so any suggestions would be appreciated not sure if we can use e address or not
  14. Hi Newstew I have a 23 light 6 which also had tinted lenses on front side and one headlight from memory they are Wagner 1911 patient but look in Dikes and you will get more info. They were and are tinted from new and covered in lumps both sides Regards Bill