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  1. thank you for your replies
  2. Just bought this 1929 Model A Special Coupe. I am a little confused on what I need to convert this to a Rumble Seat (see pic). Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I am in need of 1 more while wheel for my 1929 Commander. Need wire wheel and lock ring. see pic
  4. There is a 29 dictator on ebay for parts it looks like it has the arms that would fit. Might contact to see if he would sell the arms only, not sure from the pics if he has the locks.
  5. Windshield needs new rubber molding (looking for a source) also both corners are damaged looking for a source to repair or replace. See pic
  6. Advice taken - I will set it up stock and see what happens, Thank You
  7. I thought this would be simple. My owners manual mentions a hubcap removal tool which I do not have. I am afraid to pry off and damage. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a pic of the hubcap.
  8. Mechanical fuel pump is original. My plan is to redo the gas tank and blow out all the fuel lines. I have purchased an Airtex 6volt fuel pump and have read that using it as a priming pump can save a lot of cranking after having not been used for a while. After priming use the original mechanical pump. Your thoughts - are appreciated.
  9. Thank You - pulled the gas tank and it was not good - Ordered the eastwood kit - appreciate the help
  10. I am in need of 1 more hardware clip for the split ring that go around my wire rims - 1929 Commander FD - see pics - It will be used on my side mount spare. See Pics -
  11. I have a 1929 30 Studebaker Commander FE. I have not started in 1.5 years. I am not getting fuel. When I unhook the line from the tank to the fuel pump I have no fuel. Is it gravity fed to the fuel pump and I am clogged in the tank or the line, or is my fuel pump bad? Any help would be appreciated. If it is the fuel pump does any body have an idea how to rebuild or a source to repair.
  12. I need 2 more hubcaps for my side mount tires. 1929-30 Commander FD
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