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  1. I am trying all ways of lowering the rear that I can think of before spending about $600.00 on the custom coilovers, plus my expense of machining the parts to convert the suspension. So, I would like to know if anyone knows if the rear spring is extended when it is compressed. I mean when it flexes under normal driving. I don't think it does, because it is mounted on both ends and not in the middle. Normally a spring mounted in the middle would get longer when it is compressed. Thanks everyone. Jon.
  2. It is not attached at the center, it is attached at each end, or close to it.
  3. OK, One more question. What part of the rear spring flexes? The outer edges, or the center section 0r both? I ask because the spring is held down on both ends not in the middle as a regular spring is.
  4. Great idea, 2seater, where can I get some of this modern automotive adhesive? And are there any one in particular that i should use?
  5. I would like to add metal. The problem is where? There doesn't seem to be any room to do it.
  6. Anyone have any ideas on this question?
  7. Thank you 2seater, I think it will also.
  8. Will the part that I called #1 hold the weight without bending?
  9. The Co. has recommended the springs to use with the weight involved, But what I would like to know Will the part that I called #1 hold the weight without bending? Jon.
  10. I am going to need some expert advice on this project. In the attached picture I have the set up I would like to use. Notice the lack of the spring. This is a coilover setup with any spring weight I choose. What I need opinions on is weather or not you think that # 1 will hold 1/4 of the weight of the car? Please reply anything, so I can get a idea if this is going to work. Thanks, Jon.
  11. 63viking


    Thanks Barney. Ruffly 60-40? Right.
  12. 63viking


    Does any one happen to know the weight distribution on a 90 Reatta.? Percentage front to rear?