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  1. Thank you Dave, I appreciate it. Btw, do you happen to know of an available wooden Riviera steering wheel like yours?
  2. Where, oh where, might the link, part numbers, or ANY pertinent info be on the Subframe Upgrade mounts/bushing/cushions on RockAuto for $16.70, as referred to in this post ?
  3. Also I can't believe that nobody wants to buy one of those steering wheels and trade it for my whole running 79k mile, Blk over Maroon parts car. I mean, i see those Teves units alone selling in the $500 range. And did I mention that the car runs beautifully, and the overdrive even works? Oh well, I suppose it's more of a geography issue. But anyway . . . hope everyone is having a cool summer, I haven't been outside during the day in two weeks!
  4. I for one think they look very smart Dave. I as well, have changed out my interior trim to the Riviera Burl Wood, and think it is a vast improvement over the faux carbon fiber looking original plastics. I also traded out my shift knob (Tan) for a black one. Looks much better than the tan one over the black console shift plate. IMHumbleO As a side note, I agree with your (Ronnie's) comment about negativity serving no purpose here, and quickly blocked that "Fan". If i wanted negativity, i would simply ask my girlfriend about what I'm wearing for the day! I am beginning to think she never liked pointy lizard cowboy boots!
  5. Yes, I saw those pics a few months ago. Love the natural wood with the beechwood leather. At this point, my budget won't allow - but would probably trade my parts car for one of them!
  6. If anyone is interested - there are two T-Type wood Riviera Steering wheels on ebay right now for $250ea. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Riviera-Steering-Wheel/223614544862?hash=item3410772bde:g:zMcAAOSwlGFdSkCA
  7. Hi Ronnie, I understand what you are saying - so here is the thang though: "For instance I copy photos from my website and other websites to the posts I make in this forum all the time to help others with their problems." That process and function are exactly what I am addressing. If a poster simply "Copies" content from a website, or cloud storage, and then Repost's it into their own post, that content is still linked to the original source, from whence they copied. Make sense. And when that source has un-linked the content - then the picture(s) or info copied from that source, goes missing. So that is the entire problem! If a person wants the content to be everlasting-ly included within their original post, then the pictures MUST either be: Embedded by "Attaching" directly from the posters hard drive, OR copied and pasted from the posters hard drive, so that the images or info is connected to the actual post content, and not dependent on an outside source(Or website) to re-populate that data for infinity. Simple way of describing the issue would be that if a picture or info has a web address, i.e. >> https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/128/590x/Orangutan-583912.jpg Then it is only a matter of time before that picture and associated data is removed from the original source. (See link address above) ***Even if it "Looks" like it just pasted a picture into your post. IT DIDN'T! >>>>>> the image (Within your post) is being propogated or supplied by a web server. >>>>>>>>>> Clear as mud right <<<<<<<<<<<< I'm the one on the far right! And if you are really a nerd - here is the actual image code for the above picture: <img data-loaded="true" data-ratio="59.32" data-cke-saved-src="https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/128/590x/Orangutan-583912.jpg" src="https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/128/590x/Orangutan-583912.jpg" width="590"> >>>> Now the Miata kit car below was attached, or copied from my hard drive. It will remain within this post forever. Bottom line - Take one extra step and download the content you want to share, and then attach it to your posts. One of my entertaining ex wives used to say: "I know you think you are helping". But I am genuinely trying to help and not trying to be preachy or anything, just wanting to highlight the real reason that pictures go missing in older posts.
  8. Btw - B Jake Moran About that chicken in your account icon: I have(Had) a friend with one of those huge fiberglass chickens in his yard. Unfortunately I won't be able to go and get a picture, because he/they don't like me anymore. We vote differently.
  9. Maybe one of you that has a say over this forum could add a Sticky to let people know that they should only be "Attaching" "Previously Saved" pictures from their hard drives, instead of linking to cloud servers. Especially anything to do with google accounts! OR, maybe code the interface to prevent it in the first place. Nothing more frustrating than to finally find the info you need but with dead picture links, because the poster's cloud picture library no longer exists. - just a thought . . . not kvetching, just sayin'
  10. Does anyone have a side view or cross-section view of the rear glass and its gasket, glue etc.? And might this same device be used to remove rear glass? I am hoping you (Barney) has a drawing.
  11. Hey Ronnie, I knew you weren't, and I appreciate you for offering a newbie help. For the record, I don't know if "My" '88 has keyless entry anyway - just thought they all did, and the FOBS were just lost prior to me getting the car. Guess I'll just have to remove the panels and see if it's down in that "Cubby hole". Hope it is. Probably a dumb question, but is there a way to tell if a car has keyless entry. My car didn't come with original keys either - so I guess it doesn't have the VATS system huh. When I saw the generic keys i just figured "They" put "That diode" in there.
  12. Well I'm an idiot! I have gots to stop replying to post without reading them. DagNabbit!
  13. Rhetorical statement - and sorry to butt-in; So '88 engines offer better performance than say a '91 engine. (I'll take my answer off the air)
  14. Hey Ronnie - thanks anyway - who knows what any of us remember these days! :) and you were just trying to hep a poor feller who might've forgotten he even had a GSM. Dship - Thanks, that really helps. Thanks Barney - I do like pictures, and details. What a wonderful help you've been to me. and 'preciate you Buick City - I panicked! - That thing was LOUD!! btw - does my '88 parts car have a compatible KEM?
  15. That is the exact procedure I followed (About 5 times now) 'ee no workee!
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