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  1. just as a follow-up I replaced the main module &everything is working as it should! I also programed a new key fob , and it works ( I never had one with this car!
  2. To solve the problem for now I pulled fuse #2 everything else seems to work ok!
  3. I have been having a similar problem with my 1989 ! It starts right away,but if u don't start out right away it will act like the choke is on , and run rough & stall while ideling.As soon as it is wound out it is fine! I have tried all of the methods mentioned, including new injectors,(it has 330,000 miles ).the only thing I haven't changed is the EGR any one think this would help ? If you take off right away it drives fine,but any idle it will act leke choking !
  4. (1989 Reatta )when I turn the ign.key on,the trunk & left door solinoids go on & off by themselves. I can hear here the main module clicking also ! Also ,when driving if I touch the brake ,the trunk solinold goes off.I do not have a key fob for this car,but it sounds like someone is pushing the button.I never had this problem before ( in 330,000 miles ) ! Any ideas ? I have a parts car I can get another module from if I need to ! THANKS
  5. You did a great job,and gave a lot of great help to Reatta fans! THANK YOU !
  6. would you do $45.00 including shipping ? ( u can email me at lethal712@yahoo.com with address ) I can have Chase bank send u a ck. direct , then u can ship it !
  7. I forgot to ask what year is the console lid.how much to ship to zip 85354 ( Tonopah Az. )
  8. Not only was the car & truck museum in Auburn IN.glad to get the prototype,they took it on the road to display it in Mi.They had it displayed in a tent in the main part of the show! I as glad to see it !!
  9. Barney has the #s I always let him know when I get another ,or come across one in a scrap yard !
  10. looks like the top of the keys that have the key # on that u take off the keys !
  11. I know there are more reattas than are registered,as I have 10 ( 8 good ones,2 for parts , 1 registered, that I drive every day ! ( just turned 321,000 miles )
  12. In AZ. you can get a antique or " plate the same year as the car " ,but the registration is not permernent and has to be renewed every 2-5 years ! What is bad here is once you register a car ,they make you pay the registration fee for every year ,even if you don't use it ! They won't give you a " title only " any more ! You used to be able to get a title only for $4.00 . Most of the Reatta I have were bought before this law came out ( about 2 or more years ago ) I guess the only way to get out of this is to not apply for a new title ,or if you already have it in your name , tell them you sold it ! ( I am not going to pay every year for a car not used , or a parts car ! )
  13. I like everything about the reatta ! No one mentioned it , but for the size of the car,it has a big trunk and lots of room in back of the seats for storage ! I was driving a 1976 corvette,and the gas prices were going up,so I started driving a 1986 Fiero 4 cyl. 5-speed .It got great mpg,but no room for anything ! I always liked the Reatta,but the prices were too high. I bought my 1989 about ten years ago for $4200.00 & put new struts on it. When I bought it , it had 164,000 miles on it ! It now has 318,000 on it.I had the trans rebuilt at 259,000 , but other than that,just the regular things that are needed. I now have 8 (inc 2 verts) & 2 for parts! The only thing I did to the engine was to replace the com sensor magnet !
  14. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you ! I Like the picture with the REATTA with the old car CHRISTMAS scene ! Thanks for your good work!