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  1. YES ! I use it . in fact I printed copys of the information I new I would need ! THANKS
  2. Interesting video & tool ! I had 2 windshields done at a glass shop & they used a battery operated tool like a drill, that vibrated a 6" long thin metal ( like a spatula ) it didn't hurt the plastic !
  3. On my 90 vert the engine light came on,and I am leaving on a 4,000 mile trip,and didn't want to look at that all the way ! I looked at the cam sensor magnet,as I had that problem before with other Reattas ! It was there ,but loose,and had been rubbing the sensor.I put on a new magnet! The light was still on ,so I checked the codes . I had a E034 code ( maf sensor ) I checked it per the shop manual IN THE 90 MANUAL page 8D1-44 & 89 MANUAL page 8D1-46 THE DIAGRAM IS REVERSED ! If u check volts between A and ground according to the manual , u get 12 volts ( should be 4 - 6 . The manual shows the sensor terminals (left to rt. CBA ) should be ABC ) When checked this way I got 5 volts ! I tried another good sensor ,and the light went out , engine ran better! The car had a new sensor on it when I bought it,but when I looked at it the filaments on the back they were blue They should be black,like they had been used ! I don't know what a new one looks like as I haven't bought one before ! I am glad I found the problem! LIGHT OUT !
  4. on my 89 , sometimes the rt light wouldn't work and sometimes would work 10 times in a row ! sometimes it wasn't getting power.I checked the 2 relays under the hood , but both were good ! was thinking about wiring them both to the left side power .ALL THE PARTS ARE NEW !
  5. when I got my first reatta , I had a alarm problem & disconnected the battery ! All u have to do is put the door key in the door & turn it to unlock , and the alarm will shut off !
  6. 🙁The 3rd Reatta to go down in 2 weeks! My 90 vert made it ok on a 400 mile trip & then quit in my driveway. FUEL PUMP ! My 90 coupe quit on way home from work, & I had to get towed home.FUEL PUMP ! My 1989 ( old dependable ) with 332,000 miles drove home fine,& next morning would not start.It was the FUEL REGULATOR,good preasure,but would not start until I unplugged the MAF. If I give it throttle it will quit,or if I plug the MAF in it will quit! I hate it when more than 1 thing goes wrong at the same time, when it was fine when shut off.I tightened up all grounds,tried 3 other MAFs,tried another known good ICM & coil pack,cleaned MAF & IAC . NO CODES ! The only thing I haven't checked is the PVC valve & EGR & ECM. I use this Reatta almost every day & haven't had any bad problems! I has a problem when first started, if u don't take off right away it will act like a choke is on & stall.once u take off & wind it out it is fine.It has been doing that for a long time > other than that it has been good ! ANY IDEAS THANKS
  7. I have noticed that the new gasket material must b harder as instead of 15 in/lbs torque ,I had to torque to 25 in/lbs as gasket was leaking !
  8. just as a follow-up I replaced the main module &everything is working as it should! I also programed a new key fob , and it works ( I never had one with this car!
  9. To solve the problem for now I pulled fuse #2 everything else seems to work ok!
  10. I have been having a similar problem with my 1989 ! It starts right away,but if u don't start out right away it will act like the choke is on , and run rough & stall while ideling.As soon as it is wound out it is fine! I have tried all of the methods mentioned, including new injectors,(it has 330,000 miles ).the only thing I haven't changed is the EGR any one think this would help ? If you take off right away it drives fine,but any idle it will act leke choking !
  11. (1989 Reatta )when I turn the ign.key on,the trunk & left door solinoids go on & off by themselves. I can hear here the main module clicking also ! Also ,when driving if I touch the brake ,the trunk solinold goes off.I do not have a key fob for this car,but it sounds like someone is pushing the button.I never had this problem before ( in 330,000 miles ) ! Any ideas ? I have a parts car I can get another module from if I need to ! THANKS
  12. You did a great job,and gave a lot of great help to Reatta fans! THANK YOU !
  13. would you do $45.00 including shipping ? ( u can email me at lethal712@yahoo.com with address ) I can have Chase bank send u a ck. direct , then u can ship it !