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  1. I usually replace the pumps with Rock Auto, but I don't know if the old ones were orig or not ! Had good luck with Rock auto , except Corvette! ( at least I didn't have to drop that tank )
  2. I am curious as to fuel pumps going bad after a car sets for a year or more not running . I need to replace the pumps on 2 reattas , a cosworth vega ,a fiero , a corvette , and a blazer . I replaced the pump on the corvette ,and didn't even use it and now it needs it again ! On the fiero the problem was a 3" piece of hose in the tank. ( I will replace it with a piece of Fi hose this time ! 2 of the Reatta I bought for parts also had non-working pumps ! It doesn't seem to matter if the tanks have stabilizer in them or not ! Just wondered if anyone else had this problem ! Guess I should start them up every couple of months ! THANKS
  3. On my "90" Reatta ,I finally found the problem that was causing 3 major problems ! [ with no codes ] The radiator cooler fans quit ,the relays checked good , I had a high idle,( installed new & adjusted TPS ,IAC ,ox sensor ,maf,checked throttle plate with no improvement ) I tried to charge the AC ,and couldn't get the clutch to engage ( even jumping the pressure switch ) I installed another ECM and everything worked as it should ! My idle is now 750 instead of 2100 ,and the AC is cold and works great ! I kept at it & didn't give up ! Thanks to the forum & ROJ
  4. My "90" overheated the other day ,the fans were not running! I wired them direct with a fuse ,to make it home,but would like to know where the sensor is that controls the fans to come on ! I couldn"t find anything in the FSM . THANKS
  5. I don't know ! I drove it 45miles to work,and everything was fine !when I shut it off , no noise or overheating 1
  6. I had this problem for about 2 months ! I couldn't find anything wrong. it would appear now & then.One day I drove to work,& everything was fine.It sat parked for almost 2 hours,then caught on fire! It was an electrical fire under the hood! It was my everyday driver with 364,000 miles on it !
  7. I to have this problem! I got everything dialed in,and it ran great the next day going to work,but going home the tps was back to its old tricks ! it is new,and adjusted to .33. maybe I will go lower & see what happens .The only code I have is e22. I had the same problem with the super - easy power steering ! I took it for a 400 mile test drive and I had to hang onto the wheel as it wanted to oversteer ! I took it to get aligned,as I put new struts & engine cradle mounts & stabilizer bars on it & they told me they could not do it , as the rack & pinion was shot! It was not a fun job,but now steers great!
  8. if anyone wants to do the subframe upgrade Rock auto has them on closeout for $16.70 each! See Reatta Owners Journal for good instructions!
  10. can anyone tell me what the power steering pressure sensor does ? I am replacing the rack & pinion on my 90 reatta & got the 2 port r & p I guess the 3 port is for the sensor ! Do you really need it ? I was told it doesn't have anything to do with the actual steering , but might make a light come on for a warning or ?
  11. I drive one to work ( 45 miles each way )3 days a week , and another for pleasure , about 200 miles per week !
  12. My faithful 89 with 342000 miles is dead ! It was driving perfect,with no problems ! On the CRT , I had been getting a message every so often telling me to check for a electrical problem.I was going to ask on theforum if anyone had this problem ! It had done this for about 2 months .I checked everything I could,and couldn't find anything wrong ! I drive 45 miles to work ,and sometimes it would only come on once , sometimes for a minuet,sometimes 2_3 minuets , sometimes would go off by itself & if I pushed " return " it would go off ! The check engine light would also come on at the same time ! I parked it at work , and was in sight for over 1 & 1/2 hours ! I went about 5 miles to get a load with the semi truck , and they called me from work and asked me how to get my hood open,cuz my car was on fire ! They could not put it out , & called the fire dept. Everything under the hood was melted & it got into Ithe interior & fire got part of the dash & visors & headliner! Water was pouring out of the interior halfway op the seats ! It was very HOT to melt alum & all wires & plastic under the hood ! The only good thing was thefire was confined to the engine compartment , didn't go by the bottom of the engine & the outside of the fenders , so my new tires are ok ! I tell this sad tale,because it had to be an electrical fire ! I am glad it didn't happen at home,or in the garage ( as it did not start for over 1 & 1/2 hours after it was parked ! ) So if anyone gets a message like this , I hope you find the problem before its too late ! IF it was a "90" or "91" it wouldn't give this message ! I am driving REATTA "2" now ! ANY IDEAS WHAT COULD HAVE CAUSED THIS ?
  13. it was sad to see this car in the junk yard , as it was in great condition ! Thanks to jim for putting it on this fourm ! I checked it out and got the hood,fender,headlight cover & antenna & 16 way seats ! It has a real good windshield !
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