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  1. OK thanks everyone. I thought I had given the model year, and apparently I hadn’t. Well according to the last post it is working as should. Maybe I just needed something to obsess about with my car so it wouldn’t seem like I was neglecting it? When issues pop up it usually ends up costing big $ as there are always other things going on too. Gotta keep on top of things 🙂.
  2. Ok, I checked the fan(s) operation through the CRT diagnostics and they both work. But...... the pusher fan is not coming on in AC mode, even when in “Auto” mode. Am I missing something? Isn’t the pusher fan supposed to engage when AC is running? I am so confused.
  3. Thanks Ronnie for the tips. I guess I am confused as it was my understanding that the “pusher” fan goes on with the AC. But in this thread it says that it goes on when reaching 237 degrees I think it is. So which one is it? https://forums.aaca.org/topic/153917-cooling-fan-problem/?tab=comments#comment-731862 Thanks
  4. I switched around all of the fan relays and still it doesn’t work. I even refastened the connector underneath the air filter box as someone on a different thread had luck by that. No dice. Would it make sense to assume that the fan is DOA and just replace it? Is it easy to replace seeing as it is pretty accessible? I assume the shroud at the front would have to come off. Thanks
  5. Thanks Ronnie & Barney for the tips. It is too hot for a couple days to do any investigating on the car, so I will have to put off until it cools to look into it further. Doesn’t the 88’ have it’s fuses and relays inside of the car by passenger footwell? The electric connector going to the pusher fan looks like it has a lot of buildup on it almost like the fan has been inoperable for awhile. The puller fan is working though and I had a new thermostat installed a few years back.
  6. My understanding is that the pusher fan is for the AC and should be on during AC operation. Correct? Then can someone explain (in layman terms) the best way to check if relays are working and also how to check fan(s) through diagnostic mode. Obviously the relay for the puller fan is working as the fan works. That would help me greatly. I see that there is a way to check operation of fans with car off through diagnostic mode and that is also what I am looking for. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks Barney. I could had sworn I saw a post that said that during the self-check that the car does at startup that it checks for operation of both fans. And if you checked the codes or the diagnostic screen from the CRT it would alert you to a problem. Did I read that wrong? Thanks
  8. Hi all. Have not been here for awhile and evidently they changed password requirements as I had to renew mine. Why the need for such a long password for just a hobbyist forum? Oh well........ Anyway, I was reading up about the Reatta today and someone mentioned that they were having overheating issues with their 1988. I have the same problems with mine, but usually on just hot days. I then came here to find my answers on the forum and found some old messages regarding fan operation......or lack there of. Someone suggested checking both radiator fans in both AC mode and normal mode. The back fan comes on but when I turned on the AC the front one did not. I guess that is the “Pusher” one that blows air across the radiator. I checked the codes and no present or past codes regarding the cooling system. I can post a video if that would be helpful showing what is going on? I did not see any blade movement at all when AC was turned on, and I can clearly see it from underneath and through the air dam. thanks 🙂👍🙂
  9. Hello. I have had 2 different CRT's come down with the same problem. They both stopped displaying normally and had nothing but a straight vertical line down the middle of the CRT. I even tried swapping out a good CRT controller on both of them and nothing. Do you think this could be something else that is causing this? They both still accept input so that part of the system is working. I looked at the wiring harness at the CRT end and it looks good. Everything else works in the car such as dash, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I checked the codes and there are no current "E" codes. Just a couple codes related to the Air conditioning system. The car is running fine so unless something catastrophic happens I will not worry too much about it. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Hi, my 88' Reatta with 65,000 miles has had a problem lately where the "service engine" idiot light comes on briefly as well as the message on the CRT "Engine Controls/Electrical Problem detected". I have also noted a strong exhaust smell that I don't seem to recall before a recent tune-up, nor was I getting any check engine messages previous. The car just had a recent tune-up with new plugs and wires as well as a new fuel filter. Had a new ECM installed within a few thousand miles as well as a new cam sensor. Right before I had it tuned up a few weeks back it was running a little sluggish so I added some fuel system cleaner. I talked briefly to a fellow who suggested that the fuel system additive might have thrown off the O2 sensor and might take a few tanks of gas to return to normal. He did not notice the strong exhaust smell that I did but maybe I am just being overly sensitive. I am going to pull the codes this evening when I get home but am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? The "Service Engine" light has only came on a few times and will generally turn off within a minute or so. thanks
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