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  1. Had aquired a pair of Cadillac Johnson carbs laying around for more years then was good for them.Actually all and every part was kind of solid, one way or another. My long tome friend and toolmaker said, he learned from his father, diesel oil will eventually loosen any frozen part . The two solid carbs were submerged in diesel oil for about 6/months . They both came apart without ANY damage and I have restored the carbs afterwards to pristine and functional condition.
  2. You could try and soak these pipes day after day with diesel oil, looks like the way it's constructed in the picture, it would hold some diesel around the pipes. Diesel oil will eventually loosen the corroded parts. From exp. it takes up to several month's, but at a given time you can take the jacket off, without damaging it.
  3. My grandfather in front of the two busses, I think this picture was made mid 20's . No idea of the car brand they used to make the bus. Registration nr of both is groningen, in the north of the netherlands where he and we are still living .
  4. The first car could be an Austro Daimler the second a Peugeot D' Arlmat
  5. this fuel gauge doesn't belong to this '32 although it fits the sequence
  6. Unintentionally you made a mistake, your human. I personally recognize the pain you must be feeling, that pain needs to find a place and it will. After realizing what pleasure we all have found contributing and reading/learning in this thread, we can always start again, keep your head up please.
  7. le and ri two large bolts, from the outside of the frame going to two inside threaded cones in the crankcase. Take notice before loosening the bolts, not to take out the two bolts at the rear of the crankcase. these two bolts are holding the cones in place and prevent them from turning with loosening the two said bolts. The engine and box will come down, so you have to support these in a way, before taking the two bolts out.
  8. Carl is giving the idea the right response , that is what I'm after . I have no plans of ever making use of this insurance value to replace, but one never knows what can happen. The value in Europe and the US is about equal for these cars. The agreed value is not used with insurance companies , so that will be difficult to get . I will however make an attempt and find out if and how I can make this happen. Will let you know in the end when I have come to a solution. The pictures of the '32 are in the restoration forum under A few pictures from the '30 will follow thanks Joha
  9. Thanks to all that responded in a way. I've learned now that wanting to know something , put this in a question and to try to get an answer that fits the question, as in this situation " any one has an idea about the value of said cars" is much tougher, then I had anticipated. In fact I didn't get any. The ideas of insurance companies and leads are certainly appreciated and I will follow the Chubb and Lloyds suggestion. I do not have sentimental ideas or thoughts of value, tried to make clear the status and the condition the cars are in . Just wanted to compare my valuati
  10. Hi , perhaps you can be of help getting my insurance value wher I think it should be. Market value is of no interest because I don't want to sell and they will stay with my children and grandchildren, when I'm gone.No doubt about this. Over here in the Netherlands we have an insurance system that works with appraisers to set a value on an object. Till now never a serious problem. Needed a new appraisal for both and the trouble started, terms like market prewar is down and low, getting lower, buyers wanting these cars are less and less etc etc. Trying to make them clear, that this has
  11. John , as you know, the carb on the V-8 looks simple, but is a precision instrument, as is the distributor , both set well they will hardly give any trouble. 😉
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