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  1. John , as you know, the carb on the V-8 looks simple, but is a precision instrument, as is the distributor , both set well they will hardly give any trouble. 😉
  2. Good morning Jon, thank you spot on , both springs missing, there is a spare carb , with the owner, let's find out of they are present within that one, if not can you supply them or have a source? regards Johan
  3. Hi A 1957 Cadillac with a 4 barrel Rochester is flooding the engine under braking due to fuel coming out of the two vent pipes on top of the carb,. My friend is a mechanic and into old cars rather well. Knows his carburetors and has tried several option to get grip on the situation, without result . Most knowledge is with German made carbs as you will understand. But then that should not be that big a difference.He concluded that the fuel, under braking,is coming out of the two vents on top of the carb, flooding the engine.It kind of builds up and find it's way out into the secondary part.Float level is by the book float are tight and the car is running well till the brakes are applied and the fuel spill starts. Could there be a plate/part or gaskets missing, that prevents this fuel escape under braking ? Thanks for your attention to this question Johan
  4. It actually should work fine , setting these after the manual, what I have found (the hard way) it is extremely important the points have the right dimension, that is length of contact arm, take up point of the rubbing block on the arm, in relation with the cam lobe . If these do not have the original factory intended dimension , it can and will not function, the overlapping is not as it should be with the wrong dimension points. This might help knowing Johan
  5. Howard, this is the information I had wished not to read, but knew I possible would , how very sad . Thank you for taking the time and let me know. Johan
  6. Hi all, Perhaps one of you can help me out. I'm trying to reach George of Ol Car Bearing for quite some time, without success. A lady taking the call says, this box is full and that message is never different. Need to contact George about a payed , non delivered order. All in all we are talking a period of almost 4 months now. There must have happened something, because I never met this with George, I do hope nothing bad has happened. Is there any one who knows why there is no way of contacting George? Thank you Johan
  7. Hi I have a few from a 30 Cadillac in fair to good condition do not know if they fit the Buick, both being GM it might. If you give ( PM) me the details of the Buick ring, I will compare and let you know. I'm in the Netherlands . Johan
  8. Please find a scan of the pages in the preliminary service information of Cadillac regarding the blue dot tail light Johan
  9. In the earlier days we tapped it from the front, through the starter opening or with the lower part of the bellhousing off , with a piece of hardwood and a big hammer, turning the flywheel around. It in was 99% of the time fly rust between flywheel and crank/studs, tight fit little rust needed. If not accessible from the front, do it from the back. The little twisting through the force does the trick. Getting it off straight/ in one line, is almost impossible. good luck Johan
  10. As promised two pictures of an old not cleaned partly damaged one, still in use. The diameter from the outside in widest 3.990 next (rim inside size of glass fit ) 2.668 Blue dot opening 1.285 The press of the glass profile is different in the Cadillac glass, compared to the one from the Packard in the picture, have a look at both glasses closely and you notice the difference in model of print, visible from the outside. Also the blue dot in the Cadillac glass serves two purposes, hence the split in the middle, it serves as a backup lens as well as a stoplight lens. The Packard may have this as well I don't know, the split is visible from the outside picture of The Cadillac glass, can't recognize it in the Packard picture. For me it's a Cadillac glass. Johan
  11. Interesting, I still think it's Cadillac I'll post a picture of one tomorrow
  12. Cadillac of '32 and '33 have this glass with the blue dot from the factory. It is red in some states back then, where blue was not allowed. This dimension suits a Cadillac . Should you want to sell, please let me know. I'm interested . jboltendal at
  13. Jon, what is the material in general and or finish, thanks Johan