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  1. Steve, did you get the heads? I have a couple of parts engines.
  2. Thanks Oldtech. I figured that would make more sense. The big trick is that there is no accessory path and it's the wrong switch. After figuring that out and what the original switch looked like, it became more apparent that the 10/12/2 orientation would be least confusing. Again, thanks!
  3. When you get around to figuring out what you have for the 34 Caddy, let me know. I have a full set of reproduced steel, unplated and undrilled, bumper blades. A gentleman in CT had them done for his 34 LaSalles. Never told anyone who did them, and then he was gone. I have a bunch of the other parts to put it together but probably missing something. Have the 35 style bumpers on the car now, as bought.
  4. @F&J, do you have the biplane bumpers for your 34 LaSalle?
  5. Got the photos. An original switch would have been like one of these.
  6. Ok...let me reply to my own question. The ignition switch is not original. It would have had an armored cable integral with the switch, containing the wire to the coil. A listing on ebay currently has an assortment of switches with the cable. I couldn't copy the photo on my phone to post it. There are two terminals otherwise on the back of the switch. One is power in, and the other is power out to the starter switch. The third position on the switch that is currently in my car is unused. It would have been the accessory position on a later car. The third terminal is for the coil power wire. 12:00 is "on", 10:00 is "off" and is where the key can be removed. 8:00 is unused and will confuse the crap out of someone else someday. I could rotate the switch and have 10/12/2 positions with 12 as off and 2 as run. That is probably how it was intended! Thanks for rreading. In the future, if you have thoughts on a solution, please share them. The way knowledge is passed is by sharing your experience. Some times it is just the conversation that sparks the "oh yeah!" For me, it was the ebay ad showing the switch with the cable. I saw it on my schematic, but never saw one before! My 32 Nash is not like that. Stay Well!
  7. I am installing the new wiring harness on the dash for my 34 Cadillac. Ignition switch has three positions at 12:00, 10:00 and 8:00. Seems 10:00 is "off". What are the other positions? ( It has never run while I have had it so my personal knowledge is limited by that. The old wiring was all messed up as well. ) I am not sure it is the original switch. One wire, red, goes to "BAT". Black goes to one of the open screws and I believe a wire to the ignition coil goes from the other open screw. That wire is not part of the harness, I guess. Thanks
  8. On May 16, 2020 in Wilbraham, MA, we are having the fourth running of the Hill Climb re-enactment. There is a group from the VSCCA that runs a timed event up the 'mountain' re-enacting the 1908 event. We usually have an antique car show that compliments the hill climb. To change it up a little, we are putting together an electric car show and would like to feature electric cars from the past along with the modern electrics. Just browsing some of the postings, I didn't realize how many electrics there were in the very early 1900s, and did not realize that Rauch and Lang was built in Chicopee Falls at the Stevens Duryea plant for a while! If any of you are interested in bringing a car, operating or not, please contact me. We'd really love to have you here! Wayne Thresher, wapathre@charter.net
  9. Years ago, I bought a car that had a temporary cap on the oil fill. I was told it was from a particular marque but have no idea if that is correct or where on what model it would have been from. The only mark I can find is "E124" on the inside. Does anyone recognize this cap? Thank you!
  10. Alan, email sent with photos. If anything useful please make a fair offer. I hate paying ebay fees but it sure establishes a price. Thanks, Wayne
  11. Alan, I know this is four years later, but I was going through boxes last night and found parts for a timer for a 1909 Cadillac. Also have two door handles, and valves and manifolding associated with the fuel tanks (main and aux). If any interest, please let me know. Wayne Thresher
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