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  1. JO BO

    Steering wheel

    Here are some measurements
  2. Hood ornament. Missing horns. Make an offer
  3. Make an offer on this pretty little Castle lamp
  4. Missing horns. Make an offer
  5. For the cold weather...tough but original. Make an offer
  6. Not sure about date on this. Very nice
  7. Hi It appears free as the numbers advance when I spun. Don’t know if I can spin fast enough for needle to work though as I never got cap off and had to use needle nose glass is chipped not cracked
  8. Not sure about this More More More to make you crazy
  9. Hi I will check those points for you ASAP. Thanks
  10. Pretty good Jones Speedo. Very early pat number glass chipped. $300.00 shipped or make an offer. Thanks Jo Bo
  11. Rough but may have the parts you need. Make an offer please. Thanks
  12. Any value? I will list in parts for sale for offers I guess. thanks
  13. Hi ....what value for a fair shell please?
  14. Old brass lamp. Help in identifying?
  15. Old brass lamp. What cars used them? wish it was in better shape but maybe someone can use it.
  16. Yes John Brown Shell and nothing more. Nice if you need it though anyone have a value for me?
  17. Pretty nice hard to find and with scarce bracket. Lens cracked and small dent on top but nice over all. Indian. logo embossed on top. $750.00 obo thanks
  18. JO BO

    Air kit

    Anyone have an approximate value for them? Thanks
  19. Okay will do better..was rushed yesterday so didn't get best pics. Thanks
  20. JO BO

    Air kit

    will try to get better pictures soon. thanks
  21. Very early Jones Speedo....$300.00 shipped to US thanks
  22. Hi. Pictures came out dark.....no door but pretty decent shell.
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