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  1. Well...no can do it’s not running and way out on a farm. The trunk is locked and it’s been there for years and I really want to know what’s in there.😀
  2. Anyone make me a set of keys for a 1959 Cadillac that were lost?
  3. Correction. There are internal threads...very fine ones
  4. Total number produced figure doesn’t match my math
  5. Hi; yes that may be as there are no internal threads like a conventional grease cap....4 1/2 outside diameter ....wonder why they would need the normal wrench part of a grease cap though? interesting piece.
  6. Not that I am aware of....I live in North Dakota
  7. Hi; thanks I do have an upholstery guy lined up in case I get this done. Someone gave me an address for a person in Indiana a time ago but I lost the information.....
  8. Hi; does anyone know a craftsman who builds or could build a spindle seat for me? One like Stanley steamers or Locomobiles have. Thanks
  9. It has all 6 hard to find wire wheels. It's a wood frame 12A ....I don't know date of motor rebuild as I bought it from an estate where that knowledge is lost as far as i know. Has extra transmission, Missing steering wheel, windshield frame and lots of smalls. Some wood work redone. I found out how to post pictures a while back so can give any pictures wanted of any area desired. I believe someone was considering turning this into a street rod as the rear clip was customized, but I have an extra original one that goes with the car. Thanks for any interest.
  10. Would like offers on this project car please. Engine is supposed to have been rebuilt.
  11. JO BO


    Thanks; I found I have the part the cord goes into and listed it in parts for sale in case anyone is missing that piece. thanks
  12. Nice hub / wheel for an Indian Power plus motorcycle. $500.00 plus the ride
  13. I will remove tires and ship cheapest way possible.... $225.00 for a very nice pair of T wire wheels. plus the ride. Thanks
  14. I wish you could take both my parts cars away for just $250.00.
  15. Indian footboard with side rail. Damage on one corner...$225.00 shipped CONUS. Sold
  16. I added extra caps for a second option. Thanks
  17. Okay will add the others as well and a Crosley for another option package .
  18. I don’t know maker for sure. Think it’s 50’s. $225.00 plus shipping thanks
  19. Hi A friend sent me this picture of a motorcycle frame. I can’t tell what it is and the picture isn’t the best but maybe someone here knows regardless. Thanks
  20. Pre air conditioner for cars. Used a lot in the 50’s $725.00 plus the ride. Thanks
  21. Here is the bulb portion of the Autoreelite accessory car light offered in the 20’s $25.00 shipped CONUS thanks
  22. JO BO


    I clicked the link and it’s an Autoreelite accessory light for early cars...wish I had it all.
  23. Car air cooler....pre air conditioning?
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