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  1. Car air cooler....pre air conditioning?
  2. JO BO


    What did this go on?
  3. What did this fit? I think I counted 42 slots
  4. Nice Jaeger car clock. $225.00 shipped lower 48 thanks
  5. The Case is a tractor cap. I will take $600.00 for all 40 caps thanks. Case tractor cap is sold. $575.00 for remaining group of 39 caps .thanks I added extra set of caps for another package option and will do $1000.00 shipped on all caps together. Should be 53 pieces
  6. Hi; it’s 3 different pics of same caps..just trying to get them all covered for sure. Thanks
  7. I found some more information that this could be clamped to the running board and hand cranked. Or mounted on car engine to run off crank or using electrical system..so pretty flexible in operation
  8. I did just find a little info on it..yes automobile tire pump from 1912 lit I found. Pretty neat
  9. Make an offer for 1 or all please. Thanks
  10. Is this a salesman’s sample or an actual air pump to use for bicycles/cars etc?
  11. Can anyone tell me any history behind this plate? I assume it’s motorcycle thanks
  12. Nice Harley teens/twenties. And a Rogers? $1500.00 for the Harley plus shipping $1000.00 for the Rogers plus shipping
  13. Thanks I never saw this one before. I wish there were more pictures. Would like to know how many cylinders this has.
  14. JO BO

    Old horn

    I suppose this is nothing special.....value?
  15. Thanks Craig; I enjoyed your pictures. These are 2 cylinder models though. I am really hoping to see a single cylinder model A B or C Model A was only 4hp and B and C'c were 6 hp. all single cylinder. I have never seen one and am wondering if one even still exists.
  16. Hi; I have seen a few Kiblinger High wheel autos mostly model D or M's Was wondering if anyone has a model A,B or C they would share pictures of? I haven't found a single modern picture of one They are single cyclinders instead of twin opposed engines for D-numbered models of 1909. Thanks
  17. Yes it is for sale....I sent you a PM thanks
  18. Decent shape. $250.00 obo thanks
  19. Reduced to $250.00 plus shipping thanks
  20. Reduced to $225.00 shipped anywhere 48 states. thanks
  21. JO BO

    Steering wheel

    I will look closer at mine.I read somewhere the International ones were one piece and I think mine is. It appears White may be several pieces. Thanks for the pics
  22. hi I did find an old ad for the triumph jack..it dates to 1912...pretty neat. J.C. Moore Company Racine Wisconsin was the maker. I sold it already and I hope the guy who bought it can restore it to good condition as it is a little toasty but neat to find.
  23. wow a plate from another side of the world.....thanks for the information
  24. They are in SW ND will ship
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