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    Steering wheel

    Almost starting to think maybe International high wheeler has 1 inch bore hole
  2. But look on the bright side it could have been winter and late at night in the dark with slippers on
  3. Hi I just got some pics to post. Thanks
  4. Set of headlights for 1924Buick. $200.00 obo plus shipping thanks
  5. Pretty nice pair of T wire wheels . Will remove tires for lower shipping rate $250.00 plus shipping obo thanks
  6. Pretty nice pair of T wire wheels. Will remove tires to ship. $250.00 obo plus shipping thanks
  7. Thanks for the info now how about this one?
  8. What country and approx year please.
  9. Cheap enough to take a chance on. Some ran when put away in garage years ago. Some have titles some don’t . Bring a trailer and take these bad boys home. 1964 Honda Benly 1965=Honda Dream 1965 BSA 250 Scrambler 1975Kawasaki S1 250. Hard to find 2- 1964 HondaSuper Hawks as a bonus a 1965 Ducati 250 motor I believe the chassis is there as well but no pics yet. mechanics retirement projects or ? $5500.00 for entire lot.
  10. Not sure what this will work on. Fair shape for age $250.00 + shipping
  11. Thanks so much I do try my best to represent as honestly as possible so I appreciate the help.
  12. Would appreciate your help on that. Thanks
  13. Better pic of Buick McLaughlin cap
  14. Looks like an automobile gauge...but for what and year?
  15. Think that is it ..what year?
  16. There are 2 wheels here and I think identical That's what I was thinking they are T wire wheels...
  17. Trying to figure out if these are T or A wheels...pretty novice question but I’m Ford illiterate Thanks
  18. I was thinking perhaps motorcycle but wasn’t sure... pretty small
  19. Yes I would Take offers on any or all of them the Pasco is sold . Thanks
  20. Anyone recognize this critter?
  21. Looks decent. $140.00 plus shipping
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