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  1. I will check next week . Someone was going to mount it to a wall for display with that set up. It’s at a friend’s house and they are gone until mid week. Thanks for the interest ....kinda heavy fella
  2. suppose this had tractor application? large and heavy can't find a model number yet. Anyone know for sure if tractor or large stationary of some sort or other?
  3. Hi any knowledge shared on when these were made/maker etc would be welcomed. Hate to ask but just ballpark value as well. Thanks
  4. Yes I know value is vague and hard to come by. Leather is pliable and hoped pics would help answer other questions. I have researched what available resources I found but nothing for these were found so was just reaching out to a large forum seeking those in the know. I welcome your opinion whatever form it comes in.
  5. If anyone has opinion on value it would be welcome as well
  6. Do you know makers and age of these? Thanks
  7. Front/back. Sorry some never got both front and back one is a Buick McLaughlin
  8. year? Brand Model? Thanks
  9. Nice old wheel...is the inner ring for a Speedo set up or?
  10. What year does this jack fit? Small jack has Triumph on the other side not in pictures though
  11. yes I am getting into stuff that hasn't seen light in a very long time I hope for the unique stuff to continue. I have been posting tons of bicycle stuff on another forum that specializes in them..lots of TOC stuff....one set of pedals with a crank was pre 1895..wow even found an early bicycle motor by Shaw
  12. Not sure of year (1916)? Condition is really unknown. Make an offer on a rare piece and no I won’t sell the emblem separately. $800.00 or make any offer plus shipping Thanks
  13. Yes Crow Elk Hart. I believe about 1916. I was sent a better pic later
  14. I have these....they measure 3 1/2 inches from rim to rim on the back with 3 1/4-3/8ths inside. Are these what you need?
  15. I think you are correct....thanks
  16. Make an offer on this Knight lamp. Thanks
  17. Gosh I should have known that...thanks
  18. Good start to a ND collection. Make an offer on singles or whole collection please
  19. Nice solid lamp with amateur restoration . Make an offer
  20. JO BO

    Steering wheel

    Here are some measurements
  21. Hood ornament. Missing horns. Make an offer
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