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  1. Maybe if I had somewhere to keep them! I'd be interested in the door handles, and any of the other parts you might have from my list, though!
  2. I also am looking for a 1928 Pontiac radiator cap... Thanks, Chris 5l5.782.6666
  3. Hello, I'm searching for the following parts to fit a 1928 Pontiac sedan: - Radiator Cap (I understand 1928 or 1929 should both fit?) If someone could point me to a generic that would work for the interim, that would be great too. - Knob for throttle control - One or more door handles (exterior) - Light/Key/ignition switch panel Would possibly also be interested in: (to have as spares) - radiator - wood spoke wheels - radiator surround - engine parts - wheel center caps Thank you!
  4. Car has been FOUND! Better yet, it has been purchased, and is "Back in the Family"!!! Now, to source a few parts...
  5. I don't suppose you have a radiator cap laying around?
  6. Thank you, Greg. I did recently come across a picture of the car, so can now confirm that it was a 4 door Landau sedan. Previously, I wasn't sure if it was a Landau or not!
  7. Yes, I have a frame and engine number to cross reference, as it was listed on an old registration document that we have from when my grandfather owned the car. Yes, very much like finding a needle in a hay stack... I've "checked out" a few cars over the years, and none have them have proven to have been his. Unfortunately I do not have new information. The car was in quite good shape when he owned it. It had been restored during the time that he had it, and carefully stored a since then. I only remember the car being out in the daylight a few times during my childhood, and one of those is when I rode with him in it as we drove in a parade in Paxton, IL. That was probably 30+ years go now. If it is located, I would be happy to discuss the possibility of purchase from the owner if there is mutual interest in that, but I understand that it may not be the case. In which case, I would respectfully ask to be contacted if the car is for sale at any point in the future. Many years ago I saw a rare car that I was interested in, and I simply put a note on it asking to be contacted if it was ever for sale. A few years later I was! I ultimately lost out in a "name your best price" battle as that model of car was surging in popularity at the time, but the point is that I respect another's privacy, at least as much as I value my own, if not more. I have considered purchasing another one similar to his, but at this point I'm trying to find his car. I don't advertise my belongings either, and am protective of my vehicles as well, so can understand that sentiment also... Cheers, Chris
  8. Hello all, Still looking for this 1928 Pontiac 4 door sedan... Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you, Chris
  9. Thanks for the tips. I've had several ads placed as you mention; I plan to run some more this year including in the POCI printed magazine.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I've had several ads placed as you mention; I plan to run some more this year including in the POCI printed magazine.
  11. Higgs

    1928 Pontiac

    Nice looking car! Do you know any of the history on the car? I'm trying to track down a particular 1928 Pontiac.
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