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    FS front axle

    I have a front axle with springs that came off a 1918 Chalmers if you need one.Thanks JO BO [color:\\"red\\"]
  2. Hi;Your lights are from a Marmon.If you look at the P (which starts the message on the tag you see it is closed on top and completely vertical) .The "n" simply has an exaggerated swoop on the final part which makes it appear as the letter "p".Thanks JO BO
  3. Thank you for the info! nice to know people help with the trivia side of the hobby,JO BO <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  4. Hi;I have the body for a 1935 Ford panel.Does anyone know how many were produced and what a fairly solid body would be worth?Thanks JO BO
  5. JO BO


    Hi;I would like any owners of a 1905 Maxwell to please share any pictures they may have.My brother and I are interested in purchasing a vehicle of said year as well.(touring preferred)An unrestored example would be a plus.Thanks JO BO
  6. Hi;I have a front axle from a '24 Cadillac "limo" model they called it I guess.It's pretty complete.I'll check the condition of the rims and get back with you.I also still have the aluminum dash from the car.Thanks Jo Bo
  7. Please send pics and estimated wish price for vehicle.e-mail twodeadone3@Netzero.net for specifics.Thanks JO BO
  8. Check with Les Snavely in Bowman North Dakota.He was working with an old Pierce around that year.I don't have his phone number but imformation should be able to provide it.
  9. Hi Does anyone know how many 1929 Chevrolet roadster pickups were produced?Thanks.
  10. First $10,000.00 takes everything. Parts cars only!Lot includes 1918 Buick E-34 roadster...1926 Nash Special Six touring...1932 Chevy 2-door deluxe sedan with extra set of welled fenders/hood and passenger door...1925 Chrysler sedan...1924 Ford touring (engine free)1924 Ford C-cab truck (engine free)...1936 Chevy master 4-door...1928 Ford 4-door AR (cloth back)early A features,serial number #9116...(2) 1928 Pontiac 2-door sedans...1926 Ford roadster pickup body with box...1926 Ford touring...1928 Ford Sport coupe body...1935 Ford panel delivery body...1929 Chevy roadster pickup (no Box)....1916 Overland frame/cowl/hood...1925 Willy's Knight engine/trans...1911/12 Maxwell rear axle...1912 International axles/springs....very rough 1933 Plymouth 2-door body...1929 Ford roadster body with chassis and approx $2,500.00 worth of repro parts from Ricks Auto...Model A pickup box...1917 Maxwell car and truck frames with axles...mid/late 1930's Ford and Chevy chassis...1920's set of rear touring doors(Chevy)?...1939 Ford trunk lid/windshield/ spare tire cover....Model A and T engines/trannies/steering, body parts...extra 20's T touring body part...teens/twenties axles including Buick/Dodge/Chalmers/Cadillac/Clevland and unknown.Many unknown make bumpers/doors odd and ends...Will have ample time to remove.May list more later.some pics available by mail. send mailing address.Take it all or only what you want.Thanks e-mail twodeadone3@netzero.net
  11. Hi;I have a Paige front axle for sale (best offer by end of May).I don't know year yet.Believed late teens/early twenties.Has big old brass hubcaps. I will try to get some pics sent to those interested.Thanks..Email twodeadone3@netzero.net [color:\\"blue\\"]
  12. JO BO

    Maxwell models

    Hi;can anyone tell me what the differences are between the 1906 Models L and S and the 1906 Models H and N are?I thank you JO BO <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  13. Hi;Have engine/trans for 1925 Willy's Knight for sale.Located in Southwest North Dakota.e-mail twodeadone3@netzero.net
  14. Have 1924 Cadillac front axle from limo for sale.Have old cowl (rough) and a few small pieces.Located in Southwest North Dakota.E-mail twodeadone3@netzero.net [color:\\"blue\\"]
  15. Hi; I have two 1928 Pontiac sedans parts cars for sale.Located in Southwest North Dakota.I don't have any pics to download but may be able to send some polaroids.Wood is gone in both.Just for parts I assume.E-mail twodeadone3@netzero.net [color:"blue"]
  16. Hi:Have a 1925 Chyrsler four door sedan parts car for sale. No front axle.I don't have any pics right now but may be able to send polaroids later if desired. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> [color:"red"] I believe this could only be used for parts but who knows.Car is located in southwest North Dakota. e-mail twodeadone3@netzero.net
  17. Hi;Wish to purchase an unrestored 1905 Maxwell touring car.Please send photo/price to [color:"blue"] twodeadone3@netzero.net
  18. Wish to purchase an unrestored 1905 Maxwell touring car.Please send photo/price to twodeadone3@netzero.net.Thanks [color:\\"blue\\"]
  19. Hi Do you have pics of the Schacht?twodeadone3@netzero.net Thanks [color:\\"red\\"]
  20. Wanted bits/parts/pieces for 1907-1909 Kiblinger.Literature also needed Body parts/patterns/ steering/wheels etc... If I can't locate anything within a year I'll be putting what I have up for sale. Thanks Contact at twodeadone3@netzero.net [color:\\"yellow\\"]
  21. Hi; [color:\\"blue\\"] Looking for bits/parts/pieces for Kiblinger 1907-1909.Literature is also needed.Body parts/patterns steering /wheels etc... If I can't locate any thing within the year I'll probably be putting what I have up for sale.Contact at twodeadone3@netzero.net
  22. [color:\\"red\\"] FS. I have a 1918 Buick E-34 roadster parts car.No rear section to car (cowl only).semi-complete motor/drive train.Any offers will be considered.thanks Located in North dakota.E-mail twodeadone3@netzero.net
  23. [color:"red"] Could anyone use a Maxwell rear axle assembly with springs(minus the pinion unfortunately)? I've been told it is 1909.Located in North Dakota. E-mail contact twodeadone3@netzero.net
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