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  1. $7.68 in Switzerland (which is cheap compared to other countries in Europe)
  2. Hello Graat, I'm sure I can help you out if you still need the points. Just let me know. Regards Peter (located in Switzerland)
  3. We've encountered several situations where distributor caps failed after they heated up. Regardless of the make. I don't know what the parts situation is in the US for French cars but let me know in case you need NOS ignition parts for your Citroen. I'm sure I could help you out. Peter
  4. Definitely an Auto-Lite distributor cap Auto-Lite part # IGB-1240. This cap was used on many vehicles from 1934 until the 1940's
  5. My Auto-Lite catalogs list the following distributor applications: IGW-4116 - Gray Marine IGW-4116A - Universal Motors
  6. Brad, I sent you the message regarding the merger between Auto-Lite and DeJon. Meanwhile I found a parts manual covering both Auto-Lite and DeJon equipment. If you have a 1927 PI it must be equipped with one of the following DeJon distributors: BA-4001 or IAA-4004 The P/N of the corresponding cap would be IA-1001C Rotor: IA-1282 Contact Arm: IA-3197A Contact Screw: IA-272 IA-XXXX or IAA-XXXX are DeJon numbers IB-XXXX, IG-XXXX, IGB-XXXX, IGS-XXXX etc. are Auto-Lite numbers Peter
  7. Hi West, 1928 to 32 Packards used North-East Model TEU distributors. Seven different Model TEU distributors were in use (number on the ID tag): 10858 10868 5010896 5028025 5028269 5031262 5031780 All distributors basically look the same. The differences will be found in slight internal design changes. Different point sets, different advance curves, single or double weight advance mechanisms and other improvements. The 5028269 distributor for example had originally been used on the 1931-32 Series 9 Super 8 and got superseded by the 5031262 distributor. The 1928-29 6-45 originally either used a 10858 or a 10868 distributor. However, all distributors used the same cap and rotor. North-East obviously changed (extended) their part numbers during these years. So in older literature you will find the part # 20153 for the cap and in newer literature you will find it renamed to 5020153. The rotor would be part # (50)20491. I do have a couple of NORS caps and rotors in stock. I paid $320 for a fresh repro cap when they freshly came out 10 years ago. I'd gladly help you out if you wish but I'm located overseas. You could try Ben McAdam in US. He might be able to help you out too. Peter
  8. 1928-32 Packard 8 (North-East Distributor). Also correct for Cunningham and others.
  9. 1930-31 Cadillac 8 and LaSalle (Delco-Remy Distributor)
  10. Ramiro, I just sent you an email to your hotmail account. Peter
  11. Hi Ramiro, I might be able to help you out on a Studebaker tail light. Are you located in Germany? Peter
  12. Steve, Did you find a distributor in the meantime or do you still need one? Peter
  13. Looking for an intake manifold for a 1952-55 Cadillac 331 CID V8 engine (exc. Eldorado). The casting number would be 1463414. Also I'm looking for a 1952 Cadillac carbretor. It would either be a Carter WCFB 896S or a Rochester 4GC 7004500 Thanks Folks
  14. Many thanks for your reply JO BO. A pump in good condition would be great but any condition will be welcome. Since we don't have a pump at all we don't know what it looks like. If we only had a bad core we could get a pump remanufactured if that's the point to start at. And here's the story behind it.. A friend of mine is involved in the restoration of what I identified to be a 1917 Buick Four (170 CID). Now when they got to the engine they found a crack in the block, which was not repairable. They did find a replacement block and reconditioned it. Almost done they realized that the new block was slightly different. The only difference is in the location of the flange to where the pump is attached and the way it is driven. All signs point to the fact that the replacement block came off a 1918 Buick. Buick obviously changed the pump design between 1917 and 1918 from a eccenter driven plunger pump to a gear driven gear pump..(?) I did find a Buick Four oil pump but according to the Body casting number it is the correct pump for the later 1922 to 24 Buick's, which was no longer mounted on the outside of the engine. You probably have a better knowledge of these Buick's and maybe you can tell me whether or not my findings are correct. I'll go ahead and post a few pictures of both blocks so you can see what I'm talking about. Thanks again Peter ...and here we go with the pictures
  15. Urgently need an oil pump for a 1918 Buick 4 cyl. Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated - Thanks
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