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  1. Hello. Will there be a banquet on Saturday night this year? I haven't received my Hershey show registration materials yet, and I haven't read anything other than there WILL be a show on Saturday, but with a limit of 1,000 vehicles.
  2. Have the trailer parking passes been mailed out Yet? I haven't received mine yet.
  3. I love your car. The laser stripes are reflective I believe, which was a cool thing. That car should be fairly rare, I believe, which makes it doubly-cool in my opinion. It should prove to be a popular piece of eye candy at the Hershey Meet. Have fun and enjoy!
  4. Thanks, Lynn....You've answered my question.
  5. Since our membership is registered in my name, how can I register a vehicle in my wife's name, so the vehicle is listed as hers alone? There is no place on the registration form to note that SHE is showing this vehicle in competition. Any one know? Thanks, Dick
  6. The upcoming AACA Museum exhibit "Motorbikes for the Masses" looks to have a very interesting variety of many unfamiliar brands of motorbikes. These little bikes are very interesting to me, as I've been showing motorcycles/motorbikes/minibikes in the AACA shows for 15+ years. Out of the nearly 30 vehicles selected for the display, I can't recall seeing more than 1 or maybe 2 of these bikes at an AACA meet in those last 15 years. It would be nice if the owners of these vehicles would occasionally bring them to our shows for the members to enjoy. The motorcycle classes have been dwindling to w
  7. Just my 2-cents, but I think it's fine the way it is.
  8. I thought there was a Trabold Truck manufactured in Johnstown, PA.
  9. I was trying to bring up information on the 2013 Eastern Spring Meet being held in Carlisle, but nothing appeared on the website. I realize the Gettysburg Region is sponsoring, and I thought there would be an advert in Antique Automobile so I could find out the host hotel and make reservations. Does anyone know which hotel will be the "Host Hotel?"
  10. Suzuki is a very old and diverse company. The company has had its share of innovations along the way, but has mostly produced conservative and well-though-out vehicles. Their cars continue to be very popular and successful in many other regions of the world. Being a Suzuki motorcycle enthusiast (primarily), I was quite pleased when the company decided to offer cars to the American public. I was especially excited when I saw the new Kizashi. I thought THIS was the vehicle that would spice-up their rather bland offerings, and really jump-start Suzuki. It is a very nice automobile, but alas,
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