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  1. It is a 6-cyl. 170cid/101hp engine. I had never driven a comet before, so the slow movement from standing surprised me with the V6 engine. Reading what is available on the net, this V6 engine was not known to be sprightly.
  2. My first 'classic'- after a lot of on-line hunting, checking cars with private owners all over the state and dealer lot scavenging, I found this one via Craigs list not far from where I live. It is a 2 speed automatic.The exterior and interior are in great condition. I just got new tires and seat belts added. Good for a weekend drive. A bit slow to to get to cruise but once there, rides smoothly. Hopefully, a bit more tweaking of the carburetor will do the trick. PeeAm
  3. Bkazmer- you are correct. I am not looking for Ford model A of T and any thing else of that vintage. My limited goal is to have a 'distinctive' car that I can enjoy for occasional errand and weekend drives. I can, off course, buy a recent car (less than 10-15 years old) with the modern comfort and safety features in my budget but that would be too run of the mill or even boring. I do not per se need another car but thought that I could join in this wonderful hobby for a bit of fun. So, as a newbie, I am looking for a car that does not need immediate mechanical work, decent looks but not show quality and does not look like every other car on the road. So, I started with convertibles and realized that a MG may be a good choice. Now, I am looking at other choices based on suggestions made. An American brand from 60s- early 80s may work too. Regards PeeAm
  4. I am overwhelmed by the wonderful, thoughtful and helpful comments to my series of naive questions. Each of you has provided something for me to ponder and I am grateful for that. THANK YOU all A couple of additional challenges I am wrestling with: - recommendation for a pre-purchase inspection service - advice on how to pay for a car if purchased from a dealer who is located far away. Most dealers insist on a Bank transfer for thr full amount prior to shipping the car. I thought that using an intermediary like escrow.com may buy some piece of mind for the buyer. What are thoughts and experience ? Regards PeeAm
  5. As a prospective first time buyer, I have a modest budget (max $10,000) and looking for a distinctive but drive-able car which does not need to be 'show ready'. As it is summer my first thought is to look for a convertible. It seems to be that a MG from 70s will fit my budget and other criteria. However, with the lack of choices in my area (NJ), I will have to buy the car on-line. I am looking for recommendations for pre-purchase inspection (not necessarily appraisal) and transport. Also, any recommendations for reputable/ trustworthy dealers would be appreciated. Regarding the payment, it seems that using an escrow service could provide peace of mind. What is your experience and recommendation ? I apologize for asking a lot of questions and I appreciate your patience. Regards PeeAm
  6. I joined the forum recently and thought that I should tell you about a recent experience with my attempt at buying a classic car. I have been looking for a post war Chevrolet (1945 or later). I found one located in PA, attractively priced on Oodle, an online marketplace. The seller responded by sending plenty of photos of the car with the story that it belonged to his father who had recently passed away and the car has a clear title, no mechanical issues and everything is in great condition. The red flag was that he worked for a major media company and frequently was outside the country and needed to sell the car quickly. I asked about where the car was located and he responded that it is with a shipping company that will hold the money in an escrow and I can evaluate the car for 7 days or return it. Interestingly, he gave me the website link for this company which on a bit of search revealed many red flags. The website claimed that it was a UK head quartered company with offices in Portland, OR and Denmark. There was BBB logo which, off course, did not link to BBB. Another red flag was that there was no telephone number for any of the offices. BBB search revealed that there were multiple names by which this company had traded and there were 2 fraud reports of disappearing with clients deposit and not responding to BBB. So, I asked the seller to provide the physical location of the car so that I can get it professionally inspected. In the mean time a web search revealed the same car being sold on ebay by a seller with a 100% positive feedback score, who had listed the same VIN and posted the same photographs with car location in FL. I reached out to the ebay seller and asked where the car was and if he has the title. He confirmed that he had the car and the title. Just to drag it out one more time, I wrote to the the original seller that he should get the shipping company to allow inspection of the car and I need the address of where they have stored the car. He has since then not responded probably realizing that the game was over. If it is of any interest, this seller claimed that he worked for Discovery channel and the shipping company was called Derek Transport Ltd (derektransdotcom). Regards PeeAm
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