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  1. ghostymosty

    Heater Core

    I kept wondering why you didn't do a freeze frame mugshot for the camera but then at the end, I saw it. But what were you holding up?
  2. It sold at an undervalued price, but buyers were limited by being offered on copart.
  3. ghostymosty

    Radiator Fan does not work

    At RockAuto look under the Dodge, 1989, Daytona, 2.2L, Electrical switch and relay, Radiator fan relay This listing shows both the possible radiator fan relays. Looking under the 1990 Daytona or TC 3.0L only shows one of these.
  4. ghostymosty

    Brake Accumulator

    Or the pump has to compensate for the bad accumulator by running way too often, you will hear the pump run or feel pulsing in the brake pedal in some cases.
  5. ghostymosty

    Radiator Fan does not work

    Some of the manuals are actually missing pages, I don't have my red manual anymore so can't be so helpful as to give you a page number. Also, some 90-91 cars came with the rectangular silver relay and some with the nearly square black relay, just depends on the wire harness supplier at the time.
  6. Maybe the rear window defrost wiring would work for you.
  7. ghostymosty

    How remove hardtop?

    April fools joke, Chrysler TC in yellow and the Scion tC in the pic.........Just remove the glass in the Scion roof!
  8. ghostymosty

    Radiator Fan does not work

    Do you have an air bubble in the engine coolant passages? The temp sensor works on liquid temperature but I don't think it will register any temp from air around it.
  9. ghostymosty

    Radiator Fan does not work

    You need to run a 12volt source to a switch in the car (add on) and then to the fan. Just turn the fan on with the switch when you run the car and you can check whether any of your engine work is the culprit. That is the 'old school' fix for electric fan issues when the fan is still good. People with bad memories for hitting the switch would run the 12volt from an 'ignition on' source but I wouldn't recommend that unless the source only works a relay that lets the 12 volts in from somewhere else (sounds like the factory setup) so you don't force too much current through the computer.
  10. ghostymosty

    Radiator Fan does not work

    Check for breaks in the wires, or a melted section, in the car side of the pigtail up and around the engine bay up to the relay. I assume the wires after the connector on the fan side are good if that is where you hooked battery power to test the fan motor itself. I am also assuming the fan doesn't run when you turn the a/c on.
  11. ghostymosty

    Radiator Fan does not work

    Look up the 90 Daytona on Rock Auto and it will show both this relay and the black cube relay, just make sure the blade locations match yours and the values on the diagram on the part if you can still read yours.
  12. ghostymosty

    Body part interchange?

    The 89 looks like a relatively early car (black trim instead of woodgrain around radio and window switches) so you need to look at whether the hood props are mounted in the same place as the 90-91 black car. Or you can post the last 6 of the vin for the 89 and find out here. The hoods could be different depending on where the props mount at the firewall.
  13. ghostymosty

    1981 Chrysler Imperial

    The mileage was reset to zero during the factory EFI to carb conversion and an asterisk would appear next to the miles on the instrument cluster. The conversion replaced a LOT of components on these cars. What is the second sticker on the jamb of the driver's door?
  14. ghostymosty

    TC twin cam crankshaft

    bolting the flywheel on will take less work! I know, not helpful!
  15. ghostymosty

    Used car prices

    I am finding the same thing on prices in Southern California unless you go for the 'less desired' cars in the area. It has something to do with the price of new cars these days being at 25,000 and above. Needless to say, I am still looking.