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  1. That auction ended and the seller took the best offer he could get, but NOT 7500. These sales are what skew the numbers and no one but buyer and seller ever know the actual sales amount. Maybe someone here made an offer and didn't get the car so can say what the car 'got more than' .
  2. I think that is just the speed alert needle, the orange needle should be the actual speedometer indicator. Go past 80 and the car will let you know it!
  3. 1973 required 5mph front bumpers and 2 1/2 mph rear bumpers on all cars, (1974 changed to 5mph bumpers on rear for all cars). Those huge rubber bumper guards on the front and rear accomplished this in a strictly full on frontal or rear collision but not in an angled collision. I think the government realized they needed to change the 'letter of the law' for 1974 to get car companies to meet the actual intent of the law that was skirted in 1973. Same thing with the side lights required for 1968 being changed to having to be visible on a parked car in 1969 and then changed in 1970 to being both
  4. 1991 Chrysler TC Maserati | eBay Seller doesn't exactly say much about this particular car, (white/ginger in Agoura Hills, CA) just about TC in general. He may just be hesitant judging by his ebay feedback as a seller and is probably a dealer or flipper and I seem to have rubbed him the wrong way by the way I asked questions. I can't go see the car myself but it is the combo I am looking for so don't want to give up completely but the feedback and auto check report are a little unnerving (many failed smog checks and no miles for quite a few years) and make me think the car needs too much
  5. The engine computer should compensate for lower grade fuels. If you constantly open up the turbo then premium is really what you should run. Why let the computer diminish performance from using regular (unless no problem is detected, such as a higher octane regular grade than some people can get) when you want to experience 'spirited' driving excitement. I ran regular in my V6 car and never noticed a difference on the rare occasion I put in premium but I did mostly in town driving with the occasional highway onramp, but with no turbo and an engine that runs very cool by design I didn't expect
  6. That 89 price sticker is the first one I've seen correctly listing the 8 speaker sound system instead of listing it as 10 speakers. I don't remember but maybe 2 of the rear speakers have 2 cones in them and each cone was counted as a separate speaker?
  7. And these TC's for sale at high prices have been for sale at the same dealerships for YEARS! If you want to see the real selling prices just look them up on Ebay and then go down the left side menu for 'completed items'. You will see high priced TC's as completed auctions with no sale, or if they show as sold you will see them relisted over and over again and completed as sold each time. The actually sold TC's will normally run in the 2500 to 3500 range for ordinary condition and miles, the 3500 to 4500 range for really nice examples, and pristine with low verifiable miles anywhere up to 650
  8. I think that was the reasoning behind adding STP to engine oil, keeping a film of oil on bearing surfaces reduces that 'start up wear'. Thicker oil remains on the parts longer but you want it to be able to thin out as it heats up, hence the advent of multi-viscosity oils (10W30, 10W40, etc).
  9. And to me the salvage title (assumed) would drop the value to about 1/4 of a clean title. Never understood why some people buy a salvage title vehicle and fix to sell expecting the same value as a clean title. If it was already your own car and you fix after a total to keep driving it, then it makes sense but you need to understand the value is killed to anyone else.
  10. Do a search on this forum for the third light fix. Basically, all bulbs ground through a metal strip which has a riveted ground wire to the harness. The rivet gets loose and all bulbs lose their ground. Access to the bulbs and strip is by taking the whole light off of the tonneau cover (screws under the weatherstrip) and then disassembling from underneath (I think, it HAS been a long time). When I did mine I just added a ground wire from the rivet to a bulb connection and all was well, better to actually replace the rivet for a tight connection. edit....put a towel on trunk lid to keep the 3rd
  11. Which light is out? Each taillight has 2 bulbs, one for taillamp and one for brake (different # for each one). The reflector on the trunk lid does not have any bulbs. The third brake light (by roof) has multiple bulbs but if all are out it is usually a metal strip problem inside the housing. What takes the 6 amp fuse?
  12. I like my electric Leaf, two plus years of ownership and I've put wiper blades and two tires on it, but it is uninspiring to drive unless I count the great torque from a standstill that can put me back in the seat unless I have the limiter engaged (eco mode). Just went from 10 bars to 9 bars and still have a 70 mile range. Hence the limit on looking for a TC only within 30 miles of me! Just retired from my job and might want to go farther than the range so a gas powered vehicle is in my future with the electric for store trips. And if you haven't tried a Tesla S in ludicrous mode then you don'
  13. The non letter 300 replaced the Saratogo model in 1962, the Windsor was still around until that name was replaced by the Newport which had originally designated a hardtop (no post) style in Windsor, Saratoga, New Yorker, and Imperial models.
  14. I was working at a parts store when you could still get wiper inserts for Anco and Trico instead of having to buy whole blades every time. I noticed that hardly any wiper inserts or blades sold unless it was pouring rain outside. One of the first questions I would ask is if the car had ever had the entire blade replaced especially with Bosch items. If not then the choice on inserts was either wide or narrow and what kind of clip to hold it on the blade, if so then it was whole blade replacement time again. Then there were the ones who claimed to have never changed the whole blade but the car
  15. My friend who was a transmission rebuilder for the local Chrysler dealer informed me that most of the early trans failures could be attributed to top offs done by people who used non Mopar fluid of the incorrect type. This would usually destroy these transmissions in a short time. When he rebuilt these transmissions he would educate the owners about the correct fluid and do the wire snip on the very early transmission controllers, he never had one of these come back to him with problems. He would also never use any aftermarket fluid in these transmissions. The original owner of my triple
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