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  1. Just remember that any chip in the paint is probably going to show the yellow paint. Move any body part around and you are likely to see a yellow line next to the part. I think you should just wait for the right car to come around. That is part of the reason that I say color and location have a great deal to do with the value of a TC, along with original paint and leather in good condition bringing a premium. A repaint with color change will cost you a lot more than just transporting the correct car from another rust free state. Oh, and black on black with a black top in SoCal is a recipe for heat stroke when you first get in the car, I know first hand how hot that combo gets out here in the inland empire, much worse than when I was in Louisiana with my car.
  2. This white one in Granada Hills is back on Craigslist again, has been for sale for many months starting at about 4500 and dropping to 3500 for the last 2 months. I emailed the seller at first post of 3500 but decided the extra parts really meant the possibility of lots of work needed to make it a daily driver and never went to see it. ( I also would have had to sit somewhere for 4 hours to recharge my electric car just to get home.) This is the only white one I've seen for sale in SoCal for the last few months.
  3. When I drove my 91 from Louisiana to California I just went to the DMV locally to register it after going to get a smog check (which required a cat converter in 2003 on a TC with less than 40,000 miles due to that darn startup smoking from the 3L) they did a VIN check on the vehicle right then and I got my CA registration. I never switched the title to CA since it was already in my name. My red 89 was already a CA title but I could never get it to run long enough to take for a smog check so could never get the car registered, DMV was happy to take the title transfer money and not issue a new title because of not getting a smog check.
  4. Wow this brings back memories. I can recall cars like these at a Santa's Village type place somewhere in California. I was too young to pay attention to the city but I know it was at high altitude. My grandparents took me there and I spent all day driving one of the cars. There was no center track holding the car in place, just the two outer rails to keep it from going off the ride and I was the only one that wasn't bouncing off the rails from left to right.
  5. I've seen one like it at a local cruise night, in blue, so I'm pretty sure there must be a kit you can buy to make your own. I liked the one I saw in person here but not enough to look up a kit.
  6. If I remember all the threads on this, the issue is simply clearance from the firewall and clearance from the hood. Some people have notched a clearance in the firewall to make other accumulators fit if I remember correctly. The other thing to be careful about is the pressure of the accumulator, some are higher or lower than the TC which could make a problem.
  7. Engines go in to avoid letting the car sit in body shop purgatory! Shouldn't be a problem if you are doing your own bodywork. The other adage is that body guys have great running cars that look bad and mechanics have great looking cars that constantly need repairs. When you do one for a living most people let it slide and pay to have the other stuff done.
  8. at least tell us what craigslist you used. This link is only for the poster to use to manage his for sale ad.
  9. Yes the blue manual is for the 89 models. This circuit also includes the speed control and the spare tire bin light. The service manual does have the wiring diagrams but looking at mine, it is one page off for the references to look at each part of the circuit. I would check the spare tire bin light first.
  10. You may need to change search tactics. Try finding an a/c compressor that still has the lines attached, still in a TC. Some yards will take the a/c compressor out by cutting the hoses and the metal line could still be attached (check for bends due to handling and storage), just let them know it can only be from a Chrysler TC convertible. Try to search for yards that have TC's since a lot of them won't list the A/C stuff separate but will list major body parts.
  11. Yes, the State of California requires a dealer's license to bid at this type of auction. There is a work around, each auction will usually have some dealers who are willing to do the bidding for you at a fee usually around $500. I work at a Manheim auction in CA and can't even think about buying a car from that auction, the police even make their presence known as they look around for "dealer's" who don't have an auction number on them in plain site.
  12. location, price, color combo, condition of paint and leather can make or break a sale on a TC. Mileage doesn't enter into it since most of the odometers have stopped at some point and the cars were driven without repairing that problem.
  13. OBD2 started in 1996 as far as I recall, therefore you do not have this plug on your TC. There is a diagnostic connector near the right strut tower in the engine compartment. OBD2 test equipment will not work in any TC.
  14. 1990 and 1991 with auto trans would be the 3.0L V6 version. The turbo auto trans would only be in 1989, the 16 valve only came with 5 speed manual trans. This one is going to be the V6 version.
  15. I read this thread as I sit at home after driving my (bought used) Nissan Leaf to work for a whole week. As for battery life, the Leaf is a 2013 and is still using its original battery packs with 10 out of 12 bars of battery life remaining, 52000 miles. 2013 is the year the Leaf used a newer type battery made in Tennessee that is light years ahead of the 2011 and 2012 versions, an even better version came out in 2015 and again in 2018. Each new battery version lasts longer and gets more range than the one before. Right now I can go 72 miles on a charge but only count on 60 to be conservative, lasts me a whole week of getting to work and back with a 4 hour charge at work (240V) that costs me nothing and weekend driving is from charging maybe 3 hours to get store trip miles added to the batteries using 120V at home. I can add charging for a few more hours at home if I need to go somewhere special. When I didn't charge for free at work because of daytime rain, I charged at home a few hours when I could and my electric bill went up by a whopping $10 in the month to get 200 miles of driving range. Needless to say, I thumb my nose at gas prices (over $4 a gallon right now) quite often. The only drawback for me is that I can't drive long distance to look at old cars I might want to buy for a fun car when I don't want to drive my transportation appliance or when I want to drive long distance for something special. Yes, the Leaf is an appliance, I still like and would like to have an older gasoline powered automobile for a fun car but really wouldn't want to drive one everyday to work or the store just because of maintenance time and cost. I have lived the future and I really like it, a lot. Would I have even considered the Leaf if I drove 60miles a day commuting to work, not a chance! The Chevy Volt would have been my choice.