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  1. your link is bad FYI, I sold an identical car this spring for $5800.00
  2. E bay has the trunk and ignition key blanks, that's where i got mine..
  3. Came across these when i was cleaning out the garage. Off a 1989 TC, From Pick n Pull, my cost was $40.00 still have the receipt!! plus shipping...
  4. Since you have the seats out NOW is the time to grease the tracks and particularly the screws that run the seats forward and back, etc. You will see a difference when you re-install and operate the power seats. Much smoother.
  5. Well, it was worth $5800 to someone, and that is what I sold it for!! Thanks to everyone for their assistance and support!!
  6. I had a bite-turbo in the 80's, and it was a real piece of crap. Poor build quality, so-so performance, and nose dive depreciation. TC is so much better.
  7. Have the 16v Southern car now listed on E-Bay auctions! One other 16v comp is listed, which did not sell last time for $6500, asking $10k. Two other 90's with v-6's are listed for 10k also.. Dream on. Plus, they gave it a 44 out of 45 AutoCheck score I have a low reserve, would like to see someone get this car and enjoy it, rather than hold out for last dollar. Now we'll really see what they are worth in 10 days... check it out at https://www.ebay.com/itm/373553194649?hash=item56f9816699:g:dDUAAOSwBN1gg0jc
  8. Wow Nile, you're right! The last documented odometer reading was in 2005 at 69,522. 16 years later it is 69,752. Doing the math, that is only 230 miles in 16 years!!!! I thought I was thorough, but you got me beat hands down!!!! I want you on my team the next time I buy a a car........
  9. Thanks for the info. I researched the site, and the last ( and ONLY ) TC to sell was about half a year ago, and it was in pretty good shape, and only brought $2350, a relatively low price for one in that condition. https://carsandbids.com/search?q=tc maserati
  10. Here's another comp--lets see where this one goes.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/274759060104?_trksid=p2471758.m4704
  11. Just got word from the seller that the 16 v sold on ebay for $6000, but it had a few issues, and the sale is not complete yet..
  12. If you are considering the purchase of this vehicle you already know what they are all about, I won't bore or try to dazzle you with facts and specs-here is the important stuff you need to know: This is an original, 100% OEM factory , complete specialty car. This one of 501 TC Maserati's made with a 200 hp special Maserati engine and 5 speed trans. There are less than 200 left. It was purchased new in 1989 by a federal Judge in Tidewater VA for his 58 year old wife. She drove it till she went in assisted living, and I was the 2nd owner 5 years ago. It has always been in Norfolk VA , never seen snow, ice or salt. Always kept in a heated garage, and dealer maintained with oem parts. Full documentation provided. Never smoked in, no interior odors. No accident or body damage, absolutely NO rust on the frame or body whatsoever! All of the high pressure fuel lines have been replaced w/correct fuel injection hoses, clamps and filters. There is no paint or finish degradation or chalking, straight body, with excellent trim and rubber. The odometer has been serviced and all the grease that turns to glue removed, and new mini-gears installed by them, showing 72k which is accurate and documented. Mobil 1 has been used exclusively. Real Italian leather interior is soft and supple, with no tears, or wear on the outer seat areas-common on most TC's, has been leatheriqued every spring. All windows go up and down, power seats move correctly, all interior and exterior lights work. The Teeves braking system operates flawlessly, and has seen a complete flush annually for optimal service. Clutch is tight and smooth, with no slip and the gears shift effortlessly. No damage to headlights, newer battery. No engine or ABS lights, no ECM codes. New ignition wires, plugs, dist cap, rotor, HEI sensor, Idle air motor. Yes, it comes with the 16v fender badges, original umbrella from Italy, and tool kit, as well as original window sticker, dealer literature, all service records and owners manual. Michelins are 95% or better No damage to instrument cluster cover leather, common on all models and not easily repaired. The top pull-down works correctly, the soft top is really like new, has been up maybe twice ( documented!) The fuel door release lever is there, as well as the spare and jack. There is no plastic or rubber degradation,, it has been garage kept and prof maintained all its life. Most importantly-it doesn't leak-at all!! Items: the A/C blows cool, not cold, may need recharge, the tailpipe is starting to pit. floor mats are fair. You will not have to spend any money to get this car right, because it is in first-class condition. Currently owned by a TC enthusiast and retired mechanic. As stated, located in Norfolk Va, I will work with you regarding shipping arrangements. Open to offers by serious interested parties for more info contact me via pm
  13. Er, well, thanks, but it's not my car, its a comp that just sold, lower miles than mine and a whole lot less selling price!
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