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  1. Here's another comp--lets see where this one goes.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/274759060104?_trksid=p2471758.m4704
  2. Just got word from the seller that the 16 v sold on ebay for $6000, but it had a few issues, and the sale is not complete yet..
  3. If you are considering the purchase of this vehicle you already know what they are all about, I won't bore or try to dazzle you with facts and specs-here is the important stuff you need to know: This is an original, 100% OEM factory , complete specialty car. This one of 501 TC Maserati's made with a 200 hp special Maserati engine and 5 speed trans. There are less than 200 left. It was purchased new in 1989 by a federal Judge in Tidewater VA for his 58 year old wife. She drove it till she went in assisted living, and I was the 2nd owner 5 years ago. It has always been in Norfolk VA
  4. Er, well, thanks, but it's not my car, its a comp that just sold, lower miles than mine and a whole lot less selling price!
  5. This car sold on E bay for asking price ( $7500) or less/best offer 4-05 21
  6. YIKES!! A COMP JUST SHOWED UP ON EbAY FOR ONLY $7500! https://www.ebay.com/itm/114747384068?ul_noapp=true
  7. Definitely a flipper or dealer as evidenced by his feedback and what he has sold.
  8. FULL DISCLOSURE There seems to be some questions concerning the authenticity and validity of this vehicle. The photos listed in THIS POST ONLY are several years old, they are the ones the previous owner sent to me when we were in the process of negotiating the sale. They were meant to give an idea of what condition the car was in, not an exact one. They were the only ones I had available at the time, the car was in my storage garage in another city under a car cover. I also noticed that one of the badges were missing, and inquired. The owners husband told me that she was removing
  9. Original, unmolestedly, unmodified 100% OEM factory No paint or finish degradation or chalking 72k on working odometer-documented miles Norfolk Va car never seen snow, ice or salt RUST FREE Interior Leatheriqued annually-no wear on seat outer edges Teeves flushed yearly, no problems No damage to instrument cover leather Has umbrella, tool kit, all documentation and papers Pull-down works correctly, top like new No rubber or plastic degradation Decrepit geezer owned, garage kept and prof maintained More photos forthcoming...
  10. Thanks to everyone for all their input, it helped me greatly decide on a market value for my TC. I will be offering it to this forum and the TC club first in case there is any interest before it goes on EBay. If you know someone interested, let them know!! Pictures will be forthcoming-watch for the offering here....
  11. I applied and they would not accept it!!! Go Figure....
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