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  1. I hope there is enough interest because after replacing one headlight switch I am very interested.
  2. This is information I found awhile ago. Hopefully has been formatted for easier viewing.
  3. Need two of the tonneau cover shocks. Where can I find these or does someone have a part # from Sachs.
  4. Gavdavis, which kit did you use? Also, does it turn the lights off automatically when you turn the key off?
  5. I have a 1990 16 valve with the Getrag transmission. Should the transmission oil be changed and if so what is the recommended oil. Thanks
  6. Turbo, count me in for one of the fuel door levers if you decide to make more. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, I thought I attached a picture. The picture is of the rignt side (passenger). Per your part list I need 4464303 left TONNEAU MOULDING END CAP and 4463445 Left QTR BELT MOULDING FRONT PLUG OR CAP. Please provide billing information. I can do Paypal or however you prefer.
  8. 1990 16 valve. I am not sure what these parts are called so I made up a name. I need the driver side tonneau cover guard that goes on the front end of the cover. Also the driver side end cap that goes on the door jamb side. I have tried to make these parts with very poor results.
  9. Hemi, you are correct. I failed to ID my car correctly. Thank you sir!
  10. So I pulled #16 and the lights went off. Now for the other part of the question, how does the headlight time delay relay function. Do you turn off the ignition, turn off the headlights, and then have a few seconds before the headlights go off? If not, how? If so, mine is not working.
  11. Thanks Hemi, that is what I suspected but I failed to mention the car is a 1990 16 valve. In the manual it looks like fuse # 16 is what I need to pull. Regardless I still don't understand how the headlight time delay relay is actually supposed to function.
  12. How is the headlight time delay relay supposed to work? I am actually trying to determine what and where the relay for all of the interior lights is. My understanding is that after a few seconds of opening a door all of the interior lights will go out. I am trying to do this so that when I go to shows I can leave at least one of the doors open.
  13. I was at the Show and Glow car show in Milwaukee which is affiliated with the Milwaukee Councors d'Elagance but for all cars to enter. I lucked out again and found a blogger interested in my car. The following link should take you to his video. The video of the TC starts around 10:10 but the whole video is very well done.
  14. Just purchased a 16 valve with supposedly 21000 miles but odometer is broken. Condition does look close. There is a 1 1/4 inch side to side loose throw (slop) on the shifter and this seems excessive. Any thoughts on this. If it is too much is there an adjustment. Also, when I brought the car home at some times there was a lot of marble rattling sounds from under the hood. When I got home I popped the hood but could not identify the location. Any suggestions. Thanks.
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