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  1. When I pushed the driver side power lock button it made a continual running sound but it didn't lock the door. I took the door panel off to see if it was something easy to fix. Turned out it was. The before and after pictures are inside the driver side door toward the top left side close by the lock that the key goes into. The bent metal rod came out of the hole because the plastic part that secured it broke. I provided a picture of the plastic part that broke along with a before picture and after picture of the repair I made. I wouldn't recommend anyone do it like I did but it did the job. I'm thinking the plastic part that broke might be a common thing to find since I could see many of them inside the door. If anyone knows the part number it might be helpful for anyone who runs into a similar problem with the power door locks.
  2. UPDATE: I took the instrument panel out of the dashboard. Before I took all the wiring off the instrument panel I decided to twist the electrical green ribbon in different positions to see if I could activate the lights when I turned the ignition on. It worked so I taped the green ribbon wire to the instrument panel in the position that it was working and all has been working like it was designed to do. The original tape that held the ribbon to the instrument panel was no good so I replaced it. There is probably some sort of loose connection but it works great.
  3. Thank you for the pictures Hemi.........
  4. Thank you JerryLG. Any chance you have a picture pointing out the connector you are mentioning. If not, I know Hemi does since when I met with him a couple years ago he brought some dashboard parts.................
  5. I had an a/c guy do this project and it was indeed the cut-off switch that went bad. Yes Hemi, the switch is screw-in on the expansion valve and he did exactly what you said in our private message which was to replace the switch and fill the system. The system was low on refrigerant so the compressor wouldn't kick on and the 30amp fuse was not the issue; all is working good now. The pictures attached are of the switch pulled apart after I cleaned a pool of oil out of it and the picture Hemi sent me of the cut-off switch.
  6. Hi, I successfully completed the odometer repair. When I was putting the cluster back into the dashboard I found this little black plastic washer and am having trouble identifying where it came from. Does anyone know where this goes (see photo).
  7. Thanks for the info TexasJohn; any chance that you would know where that fuse would be? The 30A fuse under the steering wheel for the A/C is good; I pulled it out and it appears that it is for the fan that blows air out the vents.
  8. 1990 TC 3.0 Liter. The heater works as does the defroster, floor, bi-level and panel buttons. The push button to turn on the A/C stopped illuminating blue and simultaneously cold air stopped coming through the vents. Has anyone experienced this or are there any suggestions for the fix of it?
  9. Does the 1990 3.0 TC have a cabin filter for the A/C?
  10. It's been about 5 months so I felt I needed to give an update on this. I didn't do any of the suggested fixes for this and may not do any because over the past few months the warning lights have been operating as they are designed to for around 90% of the time . I haven't been able to put together any specific reason as to why around 10% of the time they are completely dark. I'll give an update if anything helpful arises from this.
  11. Part Number 747-001 that I ordered from Auto Zone is the perfect replacement for the top pull down motor housing. It does not come with the plastic gear (my cousin made me an aluminum gear about 20 years ago to replace it with so I didn't need one). The picture shows the clear plastic but mine arrived as the durable black plastic newer type one. Now the pull down feels really strong and works great again.
  12. I ordered one from Auto Zone. I'll let you know how it turns out. I shopped around a bit but not sure if I got the best price. I'll write an update after I put it back together. AutoZone.com Item Description QTY Price Total Dorman Trunk Release Motor Housing 747-001 Part Number: 747-001 Warranty: Limited Lifetime 1 Unit Price: $42.99 Core: N/A $42.99
  13. Does anyone know if I can buy a new clear plastic housing part for the top pull down motor? All other parts in my top pull down motor are in working condition.
  14. It's nice to have her up and running like normal again. Hopefully this journey to track down a bad pressure control switch can help someone in the future. Hemi, I'll look you up next time I'm in your area and let know when you're near Indio. Thanks to all who contributed.
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