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  1. Thanks Reaper1! I'll try this first to get an idea before I tear into it. The weird thing is the floor behind the seat has never felt wet. Just the part in front of the passenger seat and then the trunk. I'll try this first, and then if nothing else, I guess I'll have to take the seat out and carpet up and try another hose test.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation Hemi! Next time I've got it out on a hot day, I'm going to check this out. If the fan isn't kicking on when it should when the compressor runs, then I guess I'll take a look at the relay first and see if that fixes it. Fingers crossed I can get this pinned down soon!
  3. Thanks Hemi. Always impressed with your knowledge of our TC's! I am not the most mechanically advanced when it comes to work on cars, though I have okay knowledge and can often get by with some guidance. Usually, when I'm posting, it's to run things by you all for your guidance, and if I get in over my head, my dad helps me with these "projects". He was a Chrysler mechanic for years and then a service manager before he owned his own dealership. My grandfather has owned a Chrysler dealership for most of his life as well. That's why sometimes my verbiage might not be the best when I'm explaining an issue I'm having. I often am trying to relay what my dad has told me for y'all's input. I do have a TC service manual, but my dad and I didn't have it handy earlier when we were working on this, and I know our TC's have lots of unique little quirks. I figured there was something else up with this system (like the plug and Allen wrench adjustment), but just didn't know what. I knew we couldn't screw it in from the front. So, that's why I was confused. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction! Made quick work of it once I knew about the plug and Allen wrench adjustment on the back of the caliper. I just did a brake job on my newer vehicle myself about two weeks ago, and the piston pushed in pretty easily without any separate adjustments. So, that also was throwing me for a loop. Always appreciated Hemi! You save a lot of us many stressful hours of confusion and yanked out hairs! 🤪
  4. Hi Reaper1, Picking up on this as it's still been a nagging issue on a hot day. We did end up replacing the alternator shortly after my last post, but that hasn't made any difference for this. I did take a look at the hard lines, and they seem to be in good shape. No visible tears or dry rotting on the hoses or holes in the metal portions. Any other suggestions you might have? Is there another easy way to troubleshoot the blend door or another issue that might be causing this problem in the system? Again, as long as I seem to be driving, it seems to be fine, but when I idle at a stop light or in traffic, it seems like the compressor shuts off or something and the air gets warm until I start to drive again.
  5. Hey Garnet & Gold. So, to depress the piston in order to put the caliper back on, are you saying I need to have the key in the "on" position?
  6. Hi Hemi. Sorry for the delayed response. TC's been in storage for a few months. When my father and I replaced it a while back, we cleared out the broken track parts that we could see. My dad thinks there could be some teeth that broke off farther down in the motor possibly, but we can't see anything as it is right now. The motor assembly seems kind of delicate, and I'm afraid we might break it if we try to take it apart. Perhaps there's another issue with these that could cause it to not retract all the way back in properly?
  7. Hey Hemi. Realized I never responded to your comment on this. Thanks for the info. We ended up just replacing the alternator with a new one, and it took care of it.
  8. Hey guys. The TC has been in storage the last few months, and I'm hoping to try to tackle this this week. I know the drain holes aren't plugged up, as I keep the top storage compartment very clean. I'm wondering if it's the hoses Reaper1 mentioned. The passenger side floor board and the trunk both end up getting really wet sometimes. The trunk did it years ago, and then seemed to be better after I fiddled with it, but that gremlin has reared its ugly head again. The passenger floorboard started more recently. Trying to figure it out without having to rip a lot apart. How hard is it to check those drain holes, and would the also affect the passenger floorboard in front of the seat?
  9. Hey all, I'm replacing my rear brakes, and the pistons won't compress down for my to fit it over the new brakes and rotor. With the Teves ABS system, is there something special I need to do to allow the pistons to compress down? I saw something where people were talking about bleeding the system. Do I have to open the bleeders as part of this process? Most cars you can just manually push the pistons down with the right tools, but these puppies aren't budging. Would definitely appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
  10. Hi Turbo Kane. Do you have the driver’s side ginger bezel that surrounds the inside door handle? Also, do you have the housing for the top pull down motor?Thanks so much.
  11. Question about water leaks. My TC has had a water leak off and on in the trunk for years. We’ve tried to run a garden hose around the outside of trunk to figure out where the leak is coming in, but can’t locate it. The same thing is happening on the passenger side footwell area. The whole carpet area under the passenger floormat gets soaked and I can’t figure out where it’s leaking in there either. Have any of y’all seen this issue in our TC’s and know if there’s a typical area where the leaks occur? Would definitely appreciate some help in figuring out this issue. Thanks all!
  12. Hey all. I bought a new antenna mast from one of the members on here a while back and when we replaced the original one with it, it still doesn’t go all the way down to the off position like it should. The motor seems to work fine, but the antenna doesn’t fully retract. Wondering if teeth from the old one may have broken off down in the motor assembly or something that’s preventing it from fully retracting. Have any of you had this happen with our TC’s and have any suggestions on how to fix it?
  13. Hey all, Pretty sure my alternator has gone bad. We replaced the battery a while back because of it frequently going dead, and while that indeed might have been part of the issue, it's still going dead with the new battery. So, I'm pretty sure it's the alternator. The battery level indicator is not reading in the middle like it used to, and sometimes, even while driving it for a while, it doesn't get back up to the fully charged spot. Then, when I shut the car off and come back later, it's dead again. Planning on taking it up to the parts store to get it tested. Would prefer to get a Chrysler OEM replacement, but not sure how expensive that's going to be yet. Have any of you all replaced the alternator on our TC's before, and if so, do you remember the cost and where you got it from?
  14. Hey Hemi Dude. I actually ordered it from you last fall. So, I'm sure it is the right one specifically for the TC. Just can't figure out why it won't go down the last 3 inches or so?