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  1. Question about water leaks. My TC has had a water leak off and on in the trunk for years. We’ve tried to run a garden hose around the outside of trunk to figure out where the leak is coming in, but can’t locate it. The same thing is happening on the passenger side footwell area. The whole carpet area under the passenger floormat gets soaked and I can’t figure out where it’s leaking in there either. Have any of y’all seen this issue in our TC’s and know if there’s a typical area where the leaks occur? Would definitely appreciate some help in figuring out this issue. Thanks all!
  2. Hey all. I bought a new antenna mast from one of the members on here a while back and when we replaced the original one with it, it still doesn’t go all the way down to the off position like it should. The motor seems to work fine, but the antenna doesn’t fully retract. Wondering if teeth from the old one may have broken off down in the motor assembly or something that’s preventing it from fully retracting. Have any of you had this happen with our TC’s and have any suggestions on how to fix it?
  3. Hey all, Pretty sure my alternator has gone bad. We replaced the battery a while back because of it frequently going dead, and while that indeed might have been part of the issue, it's still going dead with the new battery. So, I'm pretty sure it's the alternator. The battery level indicator is not reading in the middle like it used to, and sometimes, even while driving it for a while, it doesn't get back up to the fully charged spot. Then, when I shut the car off and come back later, it's dead again. Planning on taking it up to the parts store to get it tested. Would prefer to get a Chrysler OEM replacement, but not sure how expensive that's going to be yet. Have any of you all replaced the alternator on our TC's before, and if so, do you remember the cost and where you got it from?
  4. Hey Hemi Dude. I actually ordered it from you last fall. So, I'm sure it is the right one specifically for the TC. Just can't figure out why it won't go down the last 3 inches or so?
  5. Hey guys. Thanks for the responses. It's good on Freon. It had a leak a year or so ago, and we fixed the leak and refilled it (we had already converted it to 134a). I checked it again a couple weeks ago, and it's still full. Realized this week my TC does indeed have an alternator that is going bad. Going to have to replace it, and I'll see how it does after this. If it still happens after that, I'll take a look at the blend door. Thanks again guys!
  6. I recently replaced my antenna mast with a new replacement I got on here. However, while it's improved over the old one whose inner cable had gone bad, it still doesn't retract all the way down into the body like it should. Is this likely another problem in the antenna motor itself? Not sure really how to check that to know.
  7. Hey all, Wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, knows what might be causing it. Sometimes (especially in the first few minutes of driving) my air conditioning will run hot when I'm driving slow or sitting at a stop light. Sometimes it has started cooling down fine after a minute or so of driving, but then when I pull up to a stop light, it goes to full hot air again. Putting it in neutral at the stop light and revving it up doesn't seem to make any difference. Has anyone else had this problem? It never used to do this. Could this be an alternator problem? I only ask that because I've had another thing or two make me wonder if my alternator might be slowly going bad. It almost seems like maybe the compressor shuts off when this happens or something and stops the air conditioner from running. If the car has been running for a few minutes or so and cooled the air down to cold, then it doesn't do it anymore. Any suggestions?
  8. I don’t remember the part number for sure, but I found it here in the TC forums. I think I just searched for posts about the top pull-down motor and someone has the exact part number stated in one of those posts. Hope that helps!
  9. Hey guys. Came across this paint at the store the other day. From what you guys said above, I think this would be the best bet. It even comes in a matte finish, which should make it easier for everyone who does this in the future!
  10. I'd be interested in some parts if you decide to part it out. Just shoot me a PM if so!
  11. Hey Reaper. Yes, it happens with both tops on. I've had the car for years, and it used to not do this. It's mainly between the two windows where they touch about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way up the windows. I just don't know if a new seal would fix this, or if it's an adjustment issue.
  12. Hey Marty. Thanks for the info on the replacement mirror. The rest of my mirror assembly is in great shape. So, I really am just wanting to repair or replace the glass if at all possible instead of getting another whole mirror. I'm not sure if replacement glass was ever sold separately or if someone makes a replacement piece for it, but I'd rather go that route if so. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks Marty. I may just wait until I redo more of the interior to get those then, since it is the whole seatbelt assembly. I'll definitely keep those in mind. I was just hoping someone might have just the bottom covers, maybe even from ginger seatbelts that were damaged or something since that's all I'm really needing. I may just end up replacing the whole seatbelts in the future if that's the only way they come, especially since mine are kind of faded now. Thanks for the info.!
  14. Thanks guys for the info on this! I really appreciate it! It'll look much better once I get this taken care of!
  15. Hey guys. Happened to come across this, and want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly. So, with all models of the TC, we should be able to tap the top up or down button, and it should run the pull-down or release cycle all the way through without having to hold the button down? Is that what you you're describing Digger with the holding relay? Mine has never done this since I got the car. I've always had to told the top-up or top-down button until the cycle completes. So, I wanted to make sure I was understanding correctly.