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  1. Here is the ad from Craigslist: https://baltimore.craigslist.org/pts/d/bird-1955-front-suspension/6476093470.html Give Jim a call and see what he can do for you. It is just a block I think, but he may have some additional parts.
  2. Where are you located? The gentleman I bought the suspension from told me he has a yblock available. Given that he is trying to downsize, his prices are very reasonable.
  3. So, I got lucky today and a gentleman in Gaithersburg had an ad on Craigslist for the front suspension and he was willing to make me a deal. Now, it is back to clean up and powdercoating.
  4. With the rear suspension done, I moved on to the front suspension with the idea that I could get the chassis on its wheels and mount the engine, thus freeing up some garage space. So, it was on to blasting and painting and putting new bushings in the upper and lower arms. Again, since I didn't take it apart I am looking for parts and information on how it goes back together. CTCI's restoration manual is a super resource! With all bushings in place: I am waiting on the special spacers that go between the lower front arm and the frame. Then I can install the ball joints and the spindle. And that is where I am at the moment, so while I am waiting on the spacer washers, I was going to powder coat the spindles and the brake parts. Which is when I found this: That top spindle is bent!!! So now I am on the hunt for a new spindle.
  5. While I was sourcing the missing engine parts, I took the opportunity to work on the rear suspension. With Thanks to Gary and his Buick leaf springs series, I refurbed the TBird. I am happy with the way they came out.
  6. The engine came back from the machine shop And I started assembly Rebuilt the oil pump Found out I was missing the distributor and the harmonic balancer....both TBird specific. So, once I sourced those, I finished assembly.
  7. So, I thought I would post some in process shots of the TBird I am working on. I started this last year after having bought it as a basket case years ago. I am still working on the Super Convert, but started on this to try to get it done for my wife while we are still young enough to enjoy! As usual with buying a basket case, you hope you get all of it! So, the previous owner (PO) had already torn the car apart, disassembled the motor and had the block tanked. He had also painted the frame and some of the front suspension. After it sitting for a couple years while I took care of the house chores and had an addition put on the house so I would have a garage to work in, I decided to get cracking on it. The frame was showing signs of rust, so I took it to a chemical strip company and had it dipped along with a number of other parts while the engine block, heads and crank were at the machine shop. It came back nice and clean So, I got it painted with Chassis Black
  8. Bless you for taking care of him. I've been there and know what you are going through. Give him a hug for me because I can't hug my dad anymore.
  9. Very nice! Are you going to stop at one coat of clear or sand and build up more coats?
  10. Hey! Thanks for the offer!! I did manage to score the damper off ebay and have the engine back together. Still checking off the boxes to make sure I didn't miss anything. I will shoot you an email if I come up missing anything else....which is entirely possible. Frank
  11. Hey, I won't tell you how many times I have put the dang bushings on the upper control arms on the TBird. You'd think it was a simple job, but Noooooooo! Keep on working on it and take your time. It all adds to the bank of knowledge.
  12. Hi Chris, Just spitballing here, but who installed the bearings and races? Are they both fully seated? The bearing on the shaft and the race in the housing? I feel your pain as I am assembling a 55 TBird from a basket case without the parts bagged or tagged. Sort of like a giant jigsaw puzzle, isn't it? Good luck! If I can be of help, let me know. You are only around the beltway and across the river as I am out near Annapolis. Frank
  13. That is a great tip on the rusted flapper! I will keep that in mind as I work on my 55 Tbird. Thanks!!
  14. Looking for a Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer or Damper for a Y-Block Engine. Part number B5S 6312-A. The damper and 2 groove pully are also marked ECJ6316B on the casting. Hopefully cheaper than the ones on ebay! Also looking for the Driveshaft and Front Yoke. The yoke is a 16 spline.
  15. Hi Bernie, I don't know about anyone else, but I come here to read your adventures and see the progress you make. You give me inspiration. Like you, I am not a mechanical engineer and I make do with what I have and can fashion. You do have a couple of years on me, as I am not quite yet 60 (59.5) but I was likewise blessed by a very good oncologist. So, we keep doing what we can to the best of our abilities and take our victories where we can. I recently rebuilt the rear springs on the 55 TBird I have. It took me a week, but I got it done and I think they look ok. It was a result of reading the posts on here like yours that got that accomplished. So, thank you! Keep plugging at it. I look forward to your next post!! Frank
  16. Thanks Lew! Just what I didn't want to hear...lol. Oh well, all part of the fun of restoring a car....all it takes is time and money, right? Frank
  17. So, I am trying to get some traction on the 55 basket case I bought a couple of years ago. I recently got the block, crank and heads back from the machine shop and I am getting started on the rebuild. Most of my time lately has been identifying parts and making sure I have everything. I have realized that I don't have the crank damper and they seem to be made of unobtainium. I confirmed that the block was a 292, but realized that it is a 1959 block, not a 1955 block. Apparently my block is a replacement block. Which leads me to my question.....what is the difference between the 55-57 Tbird dampers and the regular Y Block dampers? Can I use the stock damper for a non 55-57 Tbird Y Block?
  18. Doing a great job Gary! Are you sure you can't rotate the mount of the visor to compensate for the reverse pitch of the pillar/windshield? Frank
  19. Thanks Lew. Well I figured it out. Did a quick bead blast of the frame part and it had a stamp....MP40 mgc68. A quick google search and these are parts for a replica German Machine Pistol from WWII. How in the world they made it into my box of TBird parts I'll never know!!! LOL Well, I guess I will go on the model gun forums and see if anyone wants them. Best, Frank
  20. Hi Lew, Thanks for the response! I don't see any part numbers, so I am going to throw them into the rust removal solution and see if anything appears. However, I think you are right and they are TBird parts. So, I will take a few more pics and throw this out into the "what is it" section. If I don't need it and someone can identify it and does, then I think they should have it! Best, Frank
  21. So, I am working on the 55 Tbird that I bought as a basket case awhile back. Just trying to identify what I have and what I don't have as I start the restoration. I have pulled these two parts and for the life of me, I can't figure out what they are. The bracket has a knurled knob (circled) on the bottom that is spring loaded and seems to act as a catch (arrow). I initially thought it was part of the parking brake assembly, but I cannot find it in any diagrams. The shaft with the stud like part at right angles has a catch (circled) and the inside of the shaft is threaded and telescopes and it spring loaded (circled). Any help you all can provide would be much appreciated! I really feel like an idiot!! Frank
  22. Looks good John! I like the attitude/philosophy. They were built to be driven. Frank
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