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  1. All good and I appreciate your contact and comments. As a matter of interest , my Davis has 25" rims which has really limited my tire options ( 34"x4 1/2' or 35" x 5" are my on;y options). The other 1920 Davis owner I have been in touch with in the US has 21" rims. Now checking to see if my car is an earlier model. When you get into the basement can you check the rim size on your Davis. Would appreciate it. Best Regards John
  2. Hi Did you manage to take some photos of the 1915 Davis ? I have also been talking to a Davis owner in New York - he has a 1920 and a 1922 Davis. Interestingly , he is looking for a 1915 Davis to purchase ! Google 1920 Davis auto - it brings up a picture of the two Davis cars. Scroll down to images , click on the first picture,click Visit and you can read the article from Hemmings Classic Car magazine in June 2014 - a good read.
  3. Looking for a parts only or a complete magneto. Any condition considered. Photos attached of the model I am looking for.
  4. Hi The cars look great. Any photos of the Davis ? i have also been contacted by a guy in New York who has a 1920 and a 1922 Davis.
  5. Hello from New Zealand. I am about to start a full ground up restoration on a 1920 Model 51 Davis Phaeton / Tourer which was completely dismantled and then placed in storage over 50 years ago. The previous owner had many other restoration projects underway , so this project just sat in the garage gathering dust for all that time . Unfortunately , he has now passed on and his collection was part of a deceased estate sale. I managed to purchase the vehicle , and have spent many hours sorting through all the crates that held a wide variety of parts from the car , in no particular
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