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  1. Did you ever get an answer? I just bought one and was wondering the same thing .
  2. Leave tomorrow morning. Found out its a McDonough micro car/ go cart. Mostly sold in the midwest for farm transportation. As far as i found out there are s few different types.
  3. Worked at a dealership but also did a lot of lemon law cars. I was in the top 7 techs in the mid Atlantic district and top 5 in the Pittsburgh district. Also did some training on the dealer level.
  4. I finially made it back here after being away for 3 or four years. The reason being my wife was ill was for at least 15 years and the last 4 years she was really bad, and needed full time care. So i kinda lossed interest in hobby. She passed away in 2018. About 2 months ago i got the urge to get back to normal. I got my chrysler going once again, also bought a 1978 chrysler sport satellite boat and am restorin it. So now im back i retired after 47 years with chrysler, and finially enjoying every minuet.
  5. It is not a vinton. Did some quick research and it is either a auto red bug( i really dont think so( or its a McDonough buck board made in the 60.s
  6. I have the chance to buy a 1950's Vinton , im not sure exactly what this is i seen vintons at hershey but never payed much attention to them. The guy is asking 150.00 for it. But is saying its a go cart. Is thst what they were? I cant get a picture of it. It wont let me copy the the picture. I havent been on here for quite awhile but glad to be back.
  7. I kinda have an out for this problem, I have been staying there since the late 70s early 80s every year, but starting last year my daughter moved into an apartment right across the railroad tracks from the campground. I stayed with her last year which was great as her and my wife could run around Harrisburg/Hershey. And she works at Hershey world so I use her car with a parking pass (free parking) or if she works I just ride with her! Plus if I need to go back to her place I can catch the shuttle bus back to the camp ground a short 5minuet walk to her place.
  8. Oldsmobile dealership in St Marys pa in 1952 they did sell Pontiac and Gmc trucks . They are still in business yet selling just Gmc trucks . I don't know when they opened but I remember my dad telling me that my grandmother bought a used 48 cheverolet there. My brother bought one of the last Pontiacs they sold there.
  9. only way its illegal is if it is on fire!! as per my mailman
  10. imperials where frame on cars. engine and most body componets where hand assembled
  11. changing camping planes this year does anyone know if they have port-a-potties for the campers across from the flea market? I have a pop up camper with no bathroom. The price went up big this year at the Hershey campground.
  12. I understand why this is done and have no problem with the process. My wife went for the first time last year , no she didn't go on Friday she stayed at the campground but I did go ,hey haven't miss one since 1973 a little rain wasent going to stop me, but she did go on Saturday and did have a problem walking from the show field back to the handicap parking.So this year she has gotten on medicare this year and working on getting her own cart.
  13. I have no problem with registering the device, nor the insurance since i found its covered by my homeowners. but what if someone justs happens to stop buy for the day say driving by and wants to look around never been there before and dosent know???
  14. As far as the insurance i just checked and it is covered under your homeowners insurance. This is the first yera my wife will be comming along and she has justbeen put on disabilty we do have a placered . But they can not stop you if you dont have insurance of if you dont regerester your personial device.
  15. i usually stay at hershey highmedow campground/ hershey resort . i like it there has showers, store shuttle bus to and from the flea market/show. have been staying there for 18 years with no problems..
  16. Why????? Why not stick with some thing more correct to the year both size and style. I have a set of cragar ss gold edition wheels that I picked up at a yard sale for my 65 Chrysler . I use the car as a driver and if I do take it to a show I can swap out to the original wheels easy. the cragars where from the mid 60s to early 70s
  17. they were asking $5,000. but don't know where they are at now. sales manager said would drop price quite a bit, but he didn't tell me the price drop. If interested call 814-371-8150 tomorrow sometime and ask for john Brush tell him mel told you to call, they closed at 5pm today, and I wont be working tomorrow.
  18. thanks held pipes it stalled engine real quick heard leak its cylinders 1and 2 sales said price droped
  19. yes it does have engine miss 2 cylinders not firing why?? may get it at a real good price didnt want me to go any farther
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