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  1. common problem on both the neon and status and Plymouth breeze. have even seen it on a few mini vans
  2. after thinking about this over night remembered that we had problems with the engine harness corroding at a splice near the battery, and one by the washer fluid bottle. You will need to remove the wrap from the harness it shold be a heavy red wire it basically powers up all the relays both inside and under the hood.
  3. I would put a mech. oil pressure gauge and check the actual pressure before doing anything.
  4. after rereading your post could alsobe a power train control module (engine computer) thought it said 2003 but still check the grounds at computer this is a early pcm they were prone to bad grounds and failure
  5. check your grounds and powers. should be a ground wire right by the relay box ,should have a lot of wires on it, also make sure that the relay box has good power, connections tight and clean. Could also be the relay box internal problem. You should be able to lift the box up and look at the connectors under it. we have had some problems with connectors rotting off, along with pins on the box. you can get replacement connectors at dealer but if the pins are bad on the box you need a new one. I have replaced a few of these because of this problem BUT check all connections first. this part is a small computer!! the box is called a tipm totally integrated power module. use one if need may be ok BUT it needs to be from a truck with the same equipment as yours --- abs, 4X4, auto, trailer tow, and such there is a part number on the side they need to match the letters at the end of the number need not to thou. In the number ends in say AC the anything like AD AE will be ok they just mean a newer up graded part.
  6. just wondering why not universal cable ? I have use them in the past with no problems.
  7. seals will move up and down . if enough oil goes past will smoke usually at start up.
  8. sounds to me its blow by passed the rings, compression may be good but if cylinders are tapered the rings wont seat at the bottom causing blow by. Need to do a cylinder leakage test.
  9. I just want to thank the Hershey region worker who helped my wife today. This was my wife's first to the show, now she has a few medical concerns but she wanted to go. we couldn't get a scooter for her at such a short notice so she said she would walk.(she has a hard time walking any distance) well we parked at the handicap parking hopped the bus to the other end to the show , we walked part of the coral some of the show field. I noticed that she was getting tired so we took a break at the giant center got something to eat , I then ran off into the market for a few trinkets I spyed yesterday. Got back and we started off once agin , well I wanted to catch the bus back to the jeep but she didn't want ruin my day said she would forge on . well that lasted to the bridge we crossed the bridge made it to the Hershey region welcome tent where we stoped to rested explained our concern when on lady said they shouldn't do it but she put us in the cart and rode us all the way to the handicap parking lot right to our jeep. She advise us on how to get a scooter for next year. If this wouldn't have happened I don't think she would have come next year, but she is all ready planning next years trip. So thank you whom ever you are!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Friday was the day I showed up yes in all the rain, well I thought I went back in time ! Arrived at the parking and saw tractors pulling out motorhomes out of the mud !!!!! I did run the flea market for about 2 hours found a few things ,returned to my jeep to find to be blocked in by a stuck car. wiggled out my jeep got out the tow strap pulled him to wet pavement, how cool is that!!!!! Home now jeep still wearing the Hershey mud like a badge of honnor
  11. Sorry using my phone water is over the brige we seen one car under water on way to walmart
  12. We got here about 1pm they had just closed the on ramp at 422/322 at 39 intersection. They are moving campers from one, side to the other side at high medow
  13. my 65 Chrysler 383 has same smell and also hard to start after it has been run, acts if it is flooded. Other than the smell and starting runs great. Any fix for this? The heat riser in the exhaust works and not sticking.
  14. hey my wife is doing the samefor myself maybe they can get together . we will be there Friday morning sometime
  15. I may get to go after all !!!!! Wife said we could go Friday if we around 3/4 am pulling camper should get there about 8ish get camp site get to flea market . Is there anyone who rents wheelchairs? just worried that she cant handle the walk she can walk but not along time. in suer there are places she can stop and rest. I never had to worry before I didn't need it. besides this will be her first time there want to make good.
  16. ELECTRICAL THEORY BY JOSEPH LUCAS Anyone who has dealt with British cars and Motorcycles (Lucas electrical systems) will appreciate this... ________________________________________ ELECTRICAL THEORY BY JOSEPH LUCAS Positive ground depends on proper circuit functioning, which is the transmission of negative ions by retention of the visible spectral manifestation known as "smoke". Smoke is the thing that makes electrical circuits work. We know this to be true because every time one lets the smoke out of an electrical circuit, it stops working. This can be verified repeatedly through empirical testing. For example, if one places a copper bar across the terminals of a battery, prodigious quantities of smoke are liberated and the battery shortly ceases to function. In addition, if one observes smoke escaping from an electrical component such as a Lucas voltage regulator, it will also be observed that the component no longer functions. The logic is elementary and inescapable! The function of the wiring harness is to conduct the smoke from one device to another. When the wiring springs a leak and lets all the smoke out of the system, nothing works afterward. Starter motors were considered unsuitable for British motorcycles for some time largely because they consumed large quantities of smoke, requiring very unsightly large wires. It has been reported that Lucas electrical components are possibly more prone to electrical leakage than their Bosch, Japanese or American counterparts. Experts point out that this is because Lucas is British, and all things British leak. British engines leak oil, British shock absorbers, hydraulic forks and disk brake systems leak fluid, British tires leak air and British Intelligence leaks national defense secrets. Therefore, it follows that British electrical systems must leak smoke. Once again, the logic is clear and inescapable. In conclusion, the basic concept of transmission of electrical energy in the form of smoke provides a logical explanation of the mysteries of electrical components especially British units manufactured by Joseph Lucas, Ltd. And remember: "A gentleman does not motor about after dark." Joseph Lucas "The Prince of Darkness" 1842-1903 A few Lucas quips: The Lucas motto: "Get home before dark." Lucas is the patent holder for the short circuit. Lucas - Inventor of the first intermittent wiper. Lucas - Inventor of the self-dimming headlamp. The three-position Lucas switch--DIM, FLICKER and OFF. The other three switch settings--SMOKE, SMOLDER and IGNITE. The Original Anti-Theft Device - Lucas Electrics. If Lucas made guns, wars would not start Back in the '70s, Lucas decided to diversify its product line and began manufacturing vacuum cleaners. It was the only product they offered which did not suck. Q: Why do the British drink warm beer? A: Because Lucas makes their refrigerators. <CENTER><INS style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; POSITION: relative; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; WIDTH: 728px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; DISPLAY: inline-table; HEIGHT: 90px; VISIBILITY: visible; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; PADDING-TOP: 0px"><INS style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; POSITION: relative; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; WIDTH: 728px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 90px; VISIBILITY: visible; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; PADDING-TOP: 0px" id=aswift_0_anchor><IFRAME style="POSITION: absolute; TOP: 0px; LEFT: 0px" id=aswift_0 vspace=0 height=90 marginHeight=0 frameBorder=0 width=728 allowTransparency name=aswift_0 marginWidth=0 scrolling=no hspace=0></IFRAME></INS></INS></CENTER><!--post:11740-->
  17. I have been coming to Hershey since 1973 , well this is the first year that I may not be able to attend. My wife has a dr appointment in cleveland Oh. on the 9th (she needs a liver transplant) But I may try to get there on Saturday or if im lucky and can talk her into going Friday and staying over at the campground which may work out since I live about half way between cleveland and Hershey. Boy I sure will miss all the fun. . `
  18. got these at a yard sale don't know what year they are for or if all parts are there . If anyone needs them let know one has damage but can be fixed great for someone who needs them
  19. No your not, haven't had a problem here, but at work I do. Chrysler dealer connect/tech connect youhave to use explore 9 and only windows 7. So being in the position that im in att work (shop foreman) I needed my own laptop well most come with windows 8 and nothing will work, called tech support told me that I would have to revert back to explorer 9 and windows 7, yeah right I just bought a new computer just to use old software, not going to happen
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