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  1. Did you ever get an answer? I just bought one and was wondering the same thing .
  2. Leave tomorrow morning. Found out its a McDonough micro car/ go cart. Mostly sold in the midwest for farm transportation. As far as i found out there are s few different types.
  3. Worked at a dealership but also did a lot of lemon law cars. I was in the top 7 techs in the mid Atlantic district and top 5 in the Pittsburgh district. Also did some training on the dealer level.
  4. I finially made it back here after being away for 3 or four years. The reason being my wife was ill was for at least 15 years and the last 4 years she was really bad, and needed full time care. So i kinda lossed interest in hobby. She passed away in 2018. About 2 months ago i got the urge to get back to normal. I got my chrysler going once again, also bought a 1978 chrysler sport satellite boat and am restorin it. So now im back i retired after 47 years with chrysler, and finially enjoying every minuet.
  5. It is not a vinton. Did some quick research and it is either a auto red bug( i really dont think so( or its a McDonough buck board made in the 60.s
  6. I have the chance to buy a 1950's Vinton , im not sure exactly what this is i seen vintons at hershey but never payed much attention to them. The guy is asking 150.00 for it. But is saying its a go cart. Is thst what they were? I cant get a picture of it. It wont let me copy the the picture. I havent been on here for quite awhile but glad to be back.
  7. ELECTRICAL THEORY BY JOSEPH LUCAS Anyone who has dealt with British cars and Motorcycles (Lucas electrical systems) will appreciate this... ________________________________________ ELECTRICAL THEORY BY JOSEPH LUCAS Positive ground depends on proper circuit functioning, which is the transmission of negative ions by retention of the visible spectral manifestation known as "smoke". Smoke is the thing that makes electrical circuits work. We know this to be true because every time one lets the smoke out of an electrical circuit, it stops working. This can be verified repeatedly through empirical
  8. Note: The following is a June-July, December 1999 and September 2004 of email messages on the IML on electroluminescent dash lighting problems and repairs: Anyone know who replaces the luminescent coating on the instruments? What shop rebuilds them? If you mean the coating on the once-red pointers, that can be done by the DIY'er. The tricky part is getting the gauges out of the dash (which you have to do to send them off to be rebuilt anyway....) All you need is a can of electroluminescent spray paint (also called "safety paint"), available at most home-improvement, hardware or hobby shops. U
  9. check out htpp://teamchicago.com/Imperial/imperial.htm i see they list the part numbers for the parts there is a ling on the page to the gauge section
  10. its called eletroluminescent lighting they still use it today. I did see someone the computer that did repair these clusters, but for the life of me i cant find it. we usually send them out to get repaired due to the complex nature of the system. My understanding is it works somewhat like a fluorescent lamp. The new ones today use pulse width modulation output to light them using computers. I will try to see if i can find any info for you.
  11. mine was a 1964 rambler american 440 2dr hard top. paid 250.00 for it really nice car no rust interior nice that was in 1971 when i was 16. drove it for year and half and bought a 1964 mustang 289 hipo winter blue with white interior would like to have either one right now. i really liked the rambler thou
  12. Looking for Qpanels for a 64 fairlane cp. NOS or used in good shape. I am going to hershey this friday and saterday . If have anything e-mail me and can make a meet if you are going also. If you have any and are noth going let me know anyway and we can figure something out. thanks Melvin Schwentner DuBois Pa.
  13. I have chrysler mastertech books for sale I have one compelete set in binder from 1947 the first yera out for master tech. Also a parts book for 1955 dodge trucks. also other books mostly chrysler and AMC/jeep spec and master tech from the 50s and 60s and 70s. all are in very good shape have some newer mastertechs for the 90s also all are orginal from chrysler and AMC/JEEP as i have work for chrysler dealership for 30 years. Email for complete lisr and Pic. mastertech8997@yahoo.com
  14. need to sell my baby a 1951 desoto s15 4door. Runs great 6 cylinder engine fluid drive work very good. Needs restored 98% complete. selling due to money problems. Should have pictures on web site in a few days if interested Email me at mastertech8997@yahoo.com. I have pic on camara i could send thur email untill get web site ua and going
  15. For sale 1951 Desoto S15 custom- Runs great 6clyinder fluid drive works perfect. Radio(not working, Heater. 95% complete chrome Bad but there. all trim there some damage. Everything works but radio. Last drove this summer appx 11 miles. I have owned this car since 1991, and havent been able to get anything done on it. Dont have roon for it and no garage to work on it. And finical problems are forcing me to sell. Located in DuBois PA. asking 1,200. Contact me at mastertech8997@yahoo.com I do have pic adviable Just have to get my daughter to show me how to put them an the puter.
  16. It did work when i disassembled it about 5 years ago, I finally found a ring that wasent broken it is a full circule ring. all the plastic insulaters are there Havent gone out to look at it tonight the wife is in an uproar.
  17. I really feel like a dummy right now. The horn ring on my desoto is apart and trying to put it back together and cant figure it out it either blows all the time or not at all. I have all the parts but just cant get them in the right order. I put the triangler shaped part in first then a round concaved washer in next (dished side down) then a large toothed type spring teeth up then the fiber and metal ring on to which the ground wire connects to then the horn ring with three screws which go though plastic gromets when i tighten down the screws the horn ring goes down to far and grounds out the
  18. I have a buddy who is looking for a used enclosed car trailer. I figured that if anyone out there might know where i can find one its on here. What he is looknig for is a 24-28 foot enclosed trailer. He is hauling of all things is a 2000 modifided mustang. (not going to hold that aganist him). Trying to find one in western Pa. if possable. would like an older one even if ti needs work. Please email me at mastertech8997@yahoo.com
  19. drive it all summer long rain or shine with no problems. But then I specialize in auto computer and electrical systems. Havent done anything special just made sure everything is up to par. Now if i could get the brakes to work just as good
  20. I work as an auto tech at a chrysler dealership in my area, well yeasterday the temp outside was a nice 18 below zero in aur area. My wife leaves for wirk at 6:30 am so i start her van since it set outside, well it barely started turning over slowly but starting, now this is a 2002 Dodge. I leave at 7:15, go out and start my 89 plymouth, no go justs turns over to slow to start. Now thinking of what to do, I can call the garage and they will sent someone to pick me up or........try my other car which hasent been started in at least 3weeks, well lets give it a shot. Now everyone is always giving
  21. the new lady wants me to get it done so we can go crusing
  22. I live north of the turnpike but the gas prices are in the 1.30-1.135 range for regular as of 4/30/02
  23. thanks for your help. I feel kinda ashamed have owned the car for 10 years and havent done much research on it. Now want to try and get it back on the road agian. I am starting to track down some yards that have older cars.(xwife didnt allow that) thanks for the info. will keep in touch on any developments
  24. trying to find out what year of rear fenders will fit this car. The service manual is set up for 49-50-51, are the body styles the same? I know they look much the same, also i have seen a dodge of the same year the body look much the same but the rear fenders were missing. Having a hard time trying to find any parts for this car. Guess i better say what it is, 1951 desoto s-15 4dr sedan. Looking for a left rear fender.
  25. that was going to be my next question, as to what fenders will fit. I dont think 52 will work, slight body changes. as far as the coupe not sure but i dont see why not.
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