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  1. Now days who cares we have had 2012s since last spring
  2. I can recall that my dad would take us all to the all in town when they anounce they were comming out. Would go to all the dealers in town on a saterday. we had a Ford , GM , AMC, OLDS, IH, and JEEP We would start in the am and go till night.
  3. hitches back then were hand built wih a reicever size of 1 5/8. found this out when looking for a draw bar for my chrysler, from a rv dealer that has been in business since the early 60s.
  4. I have also had luck in adding friction modfier to the fluid (type for posi trac diffs) just add a little. this works as long as the noise isnt to bad used it on the nosiey punps in carravans, and nornaly took care of the noise
  5. You can try changing all the fluid. If you do a complete fluid change use ONLY ATF +4 no matter what type was in it before. One thing to check if fluid is low is the power steerting pressure switch, they are know to leak , and when they do they leak the fluid into the wiring harness. When this happens the fluid is pushed down to the o2 sensors thru the wiring. This will cause drop in fuel due the o2's not working correctly. If the pump is making noise have also seen that the shaft comes apart inside the punp pusing the pulley into the radiator shroud. Both are real easy to change , Pump remove belt, Thru the holes in the pulley remove 3 bolts, and of course the hoses, Bolt are 13mm pressuer line is 18mm easy to get at , return line is just a squeese clamp. Pressuere switch is on the line right by the pump two wire commector. Chrysler pumps now come complete with pulleys already installed. but they are expensive 314.00 list.
  6. just bought some at our local napa store about 3 weeks ago for my 300 had them in stock
  7. Good news I got the car!!!! worked out a deal with the yard manger , they need a trans repair on one of their trucks, I get the car along witha bill of sale and the orignal abandament paper work fron the police. Also got in touch with the tow company and they will sell me the orignal engine for the car, may be able to work out a deal withthen too, not sure yet. The car will be at my dads barn later today
  8. I did some checking around today and found out that a local towing company had gotten this car as an abandoned car about 8 months ago along with a 1960's gmc school bus, they both belonged to the rainbow people. the owner is big into demo derbys but they would not let him enter it because it was to big, they were afraid that someone would get hurt. It has set in his lot for awhile under a tarp till he decieded to clean out and took it to the scrap yard, it has been there for about 2 weeks. They in turn put it out front last friday to try to sell parts off of it, since they cant sell the complete car because of no title. The tow company are the ones who remover the engine
  9. there where two when i was in school my 65 mustang 289 hi performance and a buddy of mine 1965 mustang 289 hi performance fastback. Both where the same both winter blue with white interior his was the fastback and mine was the cp.
  10. I believe it will have to have salvage title to buy it as a whole car, other wise only parts. I bought a 69 tbird for parts one time with no engine from a yard, all i got was a bill of sale only because there ws no engine.
  11. I have a rear view but wont download. It shows the taillites real good. the other two pics i took with my phone. the ones with the camara wont load ????
  12. its a 55 and after much thought I think that the engine was removed by guy here in town that use the engine in a hot rod. I know hat he had wanted a 331 hemi for it . I will check tomorrow and see if he drop it off there. I would love to have that car i just cant affored it right now. makes me sick if that is waht he did as the car looks to be in very good shape as far as body wise.
  13. Driving by the local scrap yard today seen this chrysler sitting there. Looks complete other than engine, trans is there all gauges and interior parts. engine looks as if just removed didnt see it sitting around. Also the car seems to have been sitting inside for some time. lots go good parts trim and stuff all seen to be there.
  14. i stay at hershey hershey high medow campground. Its about 2 miles away but they run a shuttle bus to the show. Its on a first come basis.
  15. I have a front fender and a rear wheel house for a j series truck or cherokee I need to get rid of these. they are nos getting ruind in my shed they are still adviable thru chrysler , but in the 400.00 range. will let them go for a fair price. I need to get rid of them. let me know and i will bring them with me if anyone is interested i will be there on thursday thru sat. Staying at hershey high medow campground. let me know on here or my cell 814-591-5230. They are to big just to bring along if i cant get rid of them.
  16. been staying at highmedow since late 70s early 80s time for a change. went by conewago this summer when we were down to see my daugther look very nice. should be there some time thursday morning
  17. may try them out this year. besides not too far from my daughters appartment
  18. thanks for the info. we are now reading up on info to see how this thing works
  19. My service manger at work brought this in to see if i know what it is. He said his granddad told him it was off a model T
  20. i will be there wandering around agian, wanter to get my car in the show but with my wife in the hosiptal i missed the deadline. oh well next year
  21. sorry it has taken so long to get back with you all but my wifes been in the hospital for the last couple of weeks. But i did get up to see the car didnt get any pic tho. not very inpressed with it it has been converted to a ford v6 engine and drive train the body is in very good shape with lots of extra parts(no orig parts for the drive train). does run and drive tho. not what i am looking for right now. think im gonna pass on it.
  22. havent got back up to see the guy yet had some problems here at home this week. He only lives about 4 miles from here hopeing to get there friday night or sat morning. thank for all the help now i have some things to keep in mind when i look i will get pics this time around
  23. I have the chance to buy a 1930? model a ford, I am not well informed about these cars, I do know that it is a 4door model , runs very well insides are in good shape , body is in primer, but i dont think that any body work was done. the wheels are painted mustard yellow. What i need to know is what should i look for as far as trouble areas. how much is a fair price, right now the person wants 12,500 for it. I myself think that that is way too much. I am just looking right now going to get pictures later today if it stops pouring down rain, I really dont know if this is what i really want to get int since i dont know much about them. any info will help thanks mel
  24. Service advisors are not the greatest when writing work orders a lot ot times inportant info is left out like: the car is hard to start........ so you go ask and he/she says ahhhhhh dont know now I am working on your time wasting your money looking for a problem for a starting condition after you have driven the car 20 miles to get to the shop so the car is now hot when you have a cold start problem which may just be a bad battery, loose connection somewhere. As far as the techs not in control of the up-sell, well yes and no to that if i change the oil in your car i check the air filter all the fluids air in tires including the spare and lube the doors and do a basic check over if i do find that maybe you need a tire rotation wiper blades or maybe an air filter i tell the advisor; if he sells it fine if he dont fine now if i work flat rate (which i dont) he had beter up-sell cause that goes toward my check, so yeah the tech does have an influince in the up-sell, I my self will not push anything that is not saftey related if the person is somewhat able todo the work them self buy your wiper blades at walmart a lot cheaper then 20.00 for one blade at the shop. I get mine at walmart. We have a lot people that come to us for service never say anything about the price just I want it done right we have some that we only see for warrenty work and sone only for free state inspections ( we give free life time state insp if you by the car from us) I do have a lot of respect for the independent guys they need to all makes and models of cars where I only need to know chrysler and that is all i know as have been working on them since 1974.
  25. let me check something on that I think it should have only been 100.00 but not sure there is also a goodwill warrenty that the dealership can do with no cost to the customer. but there is also a new part out too fix the problem need to replace the bracket that holds the pads. I do know that there is a tsb on the front brakes
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