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  1. HI, Last fall we comminuted about the four bladed fan in one of your photos and you set a price and I agreed that was a fair price. I have not heard from you and have sent two emails and no response. Perhaps I have the wrong email address so could you contact me at willard.schoellerman@gmail.com so we can make arrangements. Thanks Willard
  2. Hi, In your photos the one with the Queen sign, to the right is a hex shaped hub cap that I can no read the name. If is Everitt I am interested as an extra for my car. Also do you have a combination gas tank brass shut off valve with a sediment collector at the bottom for a 1912 vintage car? Thanks, WDSFORESTLAKE
  3. The last photo looks to be a 1911 Everitt model 30 four door touring. I have restored this same model Everitt and every detail is the same. The photo cut off the hub caps which would confirm my identification as well as the end of the fenders. WDSFORESTLAKE
  4. Hi, How much do you want for the fan assy. showed in the last photos? Willard willard.schoellerman@gmail.com
  5. Hi. I have been in touch with you about the fan assembly on the engine to the rear in the photo. When I looked at the top of the engine it was identical to my 1912 Everitt model 4-36 roadster engine which is restored except for the fan assembly which I need. However while pondering the flywheel I noticed the faint gear slots cut into the engine side of the flywheel. That makes the engine a 1913 to 1915 Maxwell model 40. You will have to talk to a Maxwell expert to find the exact year. The reason I know it is a Maxwell is because I have done decades of research on the Everitt automobile and in 1912, Everitt and Maxwell merged and the Everitt name was dropped for 1913. The last year of the Everitt they did not have a self starter so the engine you have is not an Everitt. For a short time Maxwell incorporated Everitt features in their cars but I do not know when they came up with a new design. I do not know when Maxwell adopted the self starter so that is where you need to talk to the Maxwell expert knowledgeable in those years. If you decide to sell the fan assembly, please let me know. Regards, Willard
  6. Hi again, Thanks for the additional photo of the engine behind the doors in photo #3. Do you have a fork lift or some other mechanical lift to get the engine into a trailer? Give me a call at 530 863 3260 to arrange a price for the engine. Regards, Willard
  7. Hi, I would like to have you take a side view of the engine that is behind the doors in photo number 3 as seen through window. I live about two hours away. willard.schoellerman@gmail.com. Thanks Willard
  8. Hi What is the diameter of air cleaner where it attaches to the engine? Thanks, Willard
  9. Hi, Do you also have an extra carburetor for a 29? Regards, Willard
  10. Hi, On the site with the individual photos, there is a pair of driving lights in the seventh row down, second photo from the left, How much? Regards,Willard <willard.schoellerman@gmail.com>
  11. I am looking for a brass headlight a Gray Davis 126 and a right rear tail light for a 1933 Cadillac V8. Thanks Willard
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