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  1. Hi, How much do you want for the fan assy. showed in the last photos? Willard willard.schoellerman@gmail.com
  2. Hi. I have been in touch with you about the fan assembly on the engine to the rear in the photo. When I looked at the top of the engine it was identical to my 1912 Everitt model 4-36 roadster engine which is restored except for the fan assembly which I need. However while pondering the flywheel I noticed the faint gear slots cut into the engine side of the flywheel. That makes the engine a 1913 to 1915 Maxwell model 40. You will have to talk to a Maxwell expert to find the exact year. The reason I know it is a Maxwell is because I have done decades of research on the Everitt aut
  3. Hi again, Thanks for the additional photo of the engine behind the doors in photo #3. Do you have a fork lift or some other mechanical lift to get the engine into a trailer? Give me a call at 530 863 3260 to arrange a price for the engine. Regards, Willard
  4. Hi, I would like to have you take a side view of the engine that is behind the doors in photo number 3 as seen through window. I live about two hours away. willard.schoellerman@gmail.com. Thanks Willard
  5. Hi What is the diameter of air cleaner where it attaches to the engine? Thanks, Willard
  6. Hi, Do you also have an extra carburetor for a 29? Regards, Willard
  7. Hi, On the site with the individual photos, there is a pair of driving lights in the seventh row down, second photo from the left, How much? Regards,Willard <willard.schoellerman@gmail.com>
  8. I am looking for a brass headlight a Gray Davis 126 and a right rear tail light for a 1933 Cadillac V8. Thanks Willard
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