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  1. Would prefer to trade for needed Auburn parts. FOR SALE OR TRADE 1934 Auburn 8 cyl hood 1934 Auburn grill and surround 1934-36 6 cyl running boards and rocker panels (trade for 8 cyl running boards and rocker panels) 1935-36 Auburn 6 cyl hood (trade for 35-36 8 cyl hood) 1934-36 Auburn phaeton 4 doors and hinges Other misc Auburn parts 34 Ford v8 flathead and transmission
  2. I think it's still for sale. Estate thinks it's worth more than highest bid. I went and looked at it. It is very near the water, brackish or salt water and every part has some corrosion especially at bolt/connection points, enough that many are pushing through. The door bottoms and rear pan is mostly gone. It would be alot of metal work. It is fairly complete and motor is correct but not original.
  3. I was thinking I might hang it on the wall but might sell it once I find out what it's from. It looked like. Buick to me except for the chin which I thought was added if it was it's a super clean job. I'll take a picture of that.
  4. I was thinking I might hang it on the wall but might sell it once I find out what it's from.
  5. For sale or trade 34-36 Convertible sedan/phaeton non trunk body (including all 4 doors, hinges and cowl. 8 cylinder frame (not the one in picture). 34 hood and grill. 35-36 6 cylinder hood. Free wheeling unit, vacum brake assist, 6 cylinder front axle.
  6. I got this grill with a bunch of Auburn parts. Note the chin on the grill. Thanks!
  7. I have 2 bumpers that were on my 35 auburn but are not correct for the auburn. Attached is a picture of the bumper. It is very close to an Auburn rear bumper except the turned in ends have a notch that is probably for a bracket or some sort of decorative bumper end. Any help with I'd would be greatly appreciated. Craig
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