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  1. If you are passing through Indianapolis to or from Hershey, I have some 1957 Olds 98 and 88 front fenders and inner fenders and hood, a 1957 88 trunklid, one 56 88 fender and inner, a 1954? Olds rear bumper, and a 1937 McColloch flathead Ford Supercharger.
  2. Herby

    1930's hood

    I found a few that were close but has either a raised area surrounding the doors or the door pulls were long not round.
  3. Herby

    1930's hood

    I have been looking at the Monstrous Guide to determine what car this is from. It has flat sides, not raised around the doors. And round door pulls. The side is 44 11/16 in. x 20 1/2 in. & the doors are 10 in. x 3 9/16 in. No cars I have researched on the internet have these features. Any suggestions?
  4. This is the bumper. It may be Chevy NOS.
  5. I now know its a Chevy pick up. I am doing some research and can get a photo soon. Thanks.
  6. This is a sticker from the wrapper around an NOS bumper. Can anyone identify the manufacturer? I believe the bumper is from the 1960's or possible the late 1950's. It would help narrow it down if I knew if its GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc. Thanks.
  7. Reminds me of an Olds 442 parts dealer in Monticello, Indiana.
  8. Any advice on what container to use (or make) in order to safely ship a 1957 GM fender?
  9. Thank you for answering, good information.
  10. Would anyone know if Chevy ever made any 1957 Bel Airs with fiberglass outer front fenders, perhaps a factory race car?
  11. I am going to be transporting a 1957 Olds doghouse and want to take the fenders off the crossmember/radiator support so it will fit easier in the vehicle. I don't want to remove the inner fenders from the outer fender, just want to take out bolts so I end up with 3 pieces, the 2 fenders and the radiator crossmember. Would anyone familiar with it know how many bolta need to be removes ans are they obvious and easy to get to? Any idea of the wrench size needed. Thank you.
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