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  1. I like the different hoods on the early Renault’s.
  2. About the same condition as the one im looking to buy, actually probably better. I’ll be hopefully laying around 3k USD max for what I’m hoping becomes mine (but it’s 1923/24 4cyl)
  3. No offence, but you were too quick to be defensive to take the time to understand what he meant. He’s not talking 5, 10 years etc. If you haven’t noticed there’s a push to eventually phase out petrol/ICB. It’ll be a bit hard to enjoy driving something if it has no fuel to run on, hard to sell something that can’t be used. Try and sell a gun in a cartridge you can’t buy, you’ll get way less people interested than an off the shelf availability one. Sure there’ll be some, but less than there was. I believe this is the point. Ive found in my short time on this earth th
  4. Dudes a knob jockey for sure. He also sucks at maths. Anything > zero.
  5. OP’s friend, the op was listing it for someone else. But yes.
  6. Great post, thanks! Yeah I know of the 70’s ones. I think I like the look of the plain ol Zephyr more than the continentals of similar vintage.
  7. What’s the differences between these 2 vehicles? Was one the more upmarket version? Continental looks like a larger car..? Cheers.
  8. My absolute dream car.. Unfortunately for me even ones in need of restoration cost 1,5x my house lol.
  9. “Use it, enjoy it, let it be a car”. Good words. I was interested primarily in firearms before vintage cars, and I always think it’s a sad time when things that were made to be used and enjoyed get relegated to the vaults and storage of those who only look and say “I have this”. Take then out, scratch them, get stone chips, make memories. Be way more fun than winning an award. If you can afford the purchase price you can afford the depreciation that may incur from use.
  10. What is a title? Is it who it’s owned by? Or like a deed to it?
  11. Right hand drive? I’m curious. Any pics of what it’s sitting in?
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