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  1. My uncle bought a caravan twice. Sent money, got told no money arrived, sent it again, seller disappeared. There was no caravan.
  2. Woah, I like this. What company makes it? edit: Chrysler. Neat looking car for sure!
  3. I’d love to meet him, won’t happen though.
  4. Ayyyyyyy! As to the above - museums are limited in space most of the time. They can’t take everything in, they can’t keep anything. Over here you can do donations with clauses, but whether the museum accepts the terms is a different matter. Look at the Wright Flyer. If they try and research earlier possible powered flight then they lose it (IIRC?).
  5. Mine was a 1985 VK commodore for $500. Pretty much the same as this one pictured but mine was all white..
  6. Wow he was young in that video! I like Clarkson. Funny man imo.
  7. Would you say “exxcceellent” points?
  8. If I get the above mentioned car, finding an 8cyl would certainly be a nice car to have in the shed with it..
  9. Ah, thanks I may be purchasing a WK for a first project car - it’s a 23/24 model 64 IIRC.. originally thought it was a 65 but nope, got told wrong. All good.
  10. Thanks Coyote, but not an 88-8
  11. Me either but the stonework is looking good
  12. Hey Al, V8, made 1918-1919 IIRC.
  13. If you were australia I would buy this in a heartbeat, it’s beautiful! I love the interior colours, the body shape. Seriously a nice looking car!