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  1. Right hand drive? I’m curious. Any pics of what it’s sitting in?
  2. How quick can they go? Neat little vehicles!
  3. Hey guys, Curious when diesel started being used in trucks and passenger cars. What was the first car to use a diesel engine, or first commonly produced vehicle (car and truck?) Cheers, Troy.
  4. Nice! Any pics of the car itself also?
  5. I’m currently saving to buy a Willy’s Knight that needs restoration big time. I’ve been selling off the gun collection to fund its purchase (assuming the seller doesn’t want too much). Wife asked am I ok with parting with the guns. I said they’re just sitting unused in a safe, having this car sitting in the carport even if it’s not driveable yet will bring me more joy to look at than they do. Besides, once a project is secured you can take as long as you want
  6. I can see why it does. Love that stripe down the side. We never had Oldsmobile as a dealer down here in aus unfortunately. I love the 1966 toronado and 1969/1970 442’s. Actually I like pretty much all 442’s except for the 1990’s thing.
  7. Never seen one of these before but dang, what an attractively styled car!
  8. That first guy sure looks like he’s holding on tight..and clenching hard lol
  9. Looks great! Out of interest, what’s the car beside it?
  10. We keep our egg cartons and give them to people with chickens who then put the eggs in em and give em back 😁
  11. They’d want 15k + here in Aus for that. You guys and gals are so lucky..