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  1. I find it amusing what you guys scoff at. Over here in Aus at that price you’d make a killing reselling. This stuff just doesn’t happen here.
  2. That looked amazing. If I had of moved over to Oklahoma like was originally planned I would have been all over this. My wife ended up moving here to Australia instead though
  3. Saw this today. Pics dated 1928. Anyone able to get an ID based on a blurry pic from a bad angle?
  4. As someone on page 1 said: the cost of the “more interesting” cars sky rocketed above what the average Joe can ever dream of affording. But as I said to someone else, the good thing about something like a model A and there being a lot of them is you have non-exclusive clubs and can have a lot more fun, rather than spending a mil to have something to trailer to shows, walking around on your high horse with Ill see it people here agree with something I reckon... since trade vs uni has come up. I believe, after grade 12, everyone should be REQUIRED to get a trade, complete an apprenticeship. Then they can do college, or make it so they have to do this path - a trade (so that’s about 3-4 years here), then a year of customer service, then collegr if they so wish. Why customer service? To teach them some dang respect for those who do those jobs. Those who don’t complete high school and do a trade or whatever they want pathwise, since they wouldn’t be going to college. *shrugs*, would need to iron out the bugs. Edit to add: I did grade 12, have spent the last 10 years as a fitter and turner, and am now doing a diploma (associates degree in America I think?)
  5. Australia, and it’s all before my time (born 1991). Never paid much heed to racing etc. but I am trying to learn as much as I can much as I can Thanks Brass is Best. I shall watch those as soon as I can.
  6. Is the storyline based on something real? I’m unfamiliar with the history of Shelby but I’ve heard of him.
  7. Looks like I’ve got another car to add to my “dream cars” list..unfortunately at 250k USD it’s worth about 3x my house lol.
  8. Here in a town of 10k people seem understanding that these cars for the most part aren’t fast.
  9. As in ethanol in fuel? E10 is a standard here, E85 is meant to be fantastic. Our lowest octane rating is 91 also
  10. Never scrap! Pass it on to someone who may want to get it running
  11. Love the big slots in the hood on that car. Plenty of good stories, but there’s nothing worse than having doubt in your equipment.
  12. Thanks, Yeah am in Australia so not a member and didn’t see it. Thanks for the link!
  13. That looks like it would have been a nice car..