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  1. As I recall, the Essex frame is very straight with no damage or rust. It is at my patents house, about 15 miles away. I will get over there sometime this week and get some photos for you. I thought I might do his and hers speedsters, but, truth be told, I have enough projects. It would be good to see someone use this frame. It is a great foundation to build on.
  2. I do live in So. Cal... Riverside. I have an extra Essex frame. It is a 24. It has parallel frame rails. The 23 and older (4 cylinder cars) are not parallel. Dany
  3. The speedster isn't close to running. The engine is just mocked up on the frame rails. I may end up using a spare 29 frame I have. It has parallel rails, and will be easier to shorten if I decide it needs it. I've never done a you tube video. If your neighbor was in the Hudson club, I may know him. I've been in the club since 1974 ( I was 12). My wife really enjoys her car. Surprisingly enough, It is not that heavy... Her 1940 2 door sedan weighs 3300#. our 1936 4 door weighs 3280# (1400 pounds on the front axle, 1880# on the rear... that's right nearly 500# heavier in the back), and my race car, the 41 coupe weighs 2700. Essex started production in 1919 with an F head four cylinder. They were a fantastic car and power plant. I had a touring for a few years. I drove it quite a bit. I made the 170 mile round trip to San Diego quite often, and a couple of 500 mile round trips to Laughlin, Nv. as well. It would run 60-65 MPH all day long. The only modification from stock was the glass pack that dumped below the front seat, and 34" tall tires. (stock was 32). Essex was Hudson's economy car. Here is a photo of my race car at Irwindale. The 1919 Essex I had. My 29 coupe.
  4. The speedster project is a 1925 Hudson chassis, radiator, and grille shell. The cowl section is late teens Hudson, and the engine is a Hudson Hornet, with three Rochester 2G carbs on a custom tunnel ram intake, and custom equal length tube headers. The trans is a T89 Borg Warner three speed with overdrive. The rest of the body will be hand made. Next to the speedster is a 52 Hudson coupe with a real Hudson 7X engine and dual range Hydro. Then a 29 Hudson coupe. The blue roof is my 41 Hudson drag racer. It has a 353 cubic inch Hudson flathead six with two Holley 2300 2bbl carbs on an Edmunds intake. 727 torqueflyte trans. It's been a race car since 1965. It runs 14.60's at 93mph. Not in view, but in the building, are a 1942 Hudson woodie wagon in need of everything, my wife's 1940 Hudson daily driver (Hornet power with a 700r trans), and my current active project, a 54 Hudson coupe that will be my daily driver when completed.
  5. I've been collecting parts do do this one. Dany, Riverside, Ca.
  6. I have a friend with a 472 Cad in his 49 Hudson. That is a fun ride. That engine will physically fit in the confines of a Chevelle engine compartment. You will, however, need to fabricate engine mounts, etc.
  7. 54Coupe

    20's frame

    I haven't been able to find any numbers on it.
  8. 54Coupe

    20's frame

    I struck out with the Stude guys and the Chrysler guys. Kissel was also mentioned, and that didn't pan out either. If there is no interest, we will end up scrapping it, which I really hate to do.
  9. Thank you for the input, gentlemen. The general concensus with the local Studebaker crowd is, it is not Studebaker. I am finding that many Stude guys didn't know hydraulic brakes were offered in '25 and '26. If we can't find anyone who wants it soon, I will end up taking to the scrap yard. I hate to do it.
  10. I think our mutual friend Val has one in the yard in Fontana.
  11. Here's one you might not see every day.... I do, because its at my house...
  12. I don't think it is Hudson... Hudson used a bumper shaped similar to the cutout on this guard, but they were mounted with a bolt running through the guard, not clamped over the bumper. I have owned my '40 Hudson since 1999.
  13. We have a frame/chassis that we are trying to identify. It seems to be mid 20's. It has 14' external contracting Lockheed hydraulic brakes, and seems to be about 124" wheelbase. It has been suggested elsewhere on this forum that it may be Studebaker. Did the factory stamp serial numbers on the frame anywhere that may help ID this chassis? I'm in So. Cal., and trying to help my parents clean up their back yard. Our interests are in Hudsons, and this piece is completely foreign to us. I would love to see it go to a new home, vs getting scrapped. I no longer have the photos on my phone, but they are posted in the "Chrysler Products- general" section of this forum. Or, you can click on my name and it will show you all of my posts. Thanks for looking.
  14. 54Coupe

    20's frame

    Thank you for the input. I will persue the investigation with the Stude guys. Dany
  15. 54Coupe

    20's frame

    Photos under "Chrysler Products -General"... Topic "Frame/chassis Identification"