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  1. Great. I'm glad you got it all sorted. That is such a cool car.
  2. Did you ever find the window regulator and glass trim that you needed? I may have the on a 1936,model 67 parts car I have.
  3. Whenever I have to change a tire on the back of mine, I lift from the frame, so the axle drops down to give more room to wrestle the wheel and tire in and out. I have had 275/60-15's on 8"wide rims on the back of a 52 Wasp coupe and had no issue driving (and drag racing ) it.
  4. Wilf, I enjoyed reading about giving Rhodora new life. My build style is similar. I really don't care too much about the shiny paint and chrome. I build them to drive. The rock chips and imperfections in the paint on the front of a car are a testament to the car and the driver of miles of smiles. Your car was built to drive. I'm really glad you are enjoying it. I'm looking forward to the next update.
  5. This sounds like it might have been the Gould family.
  6. I bet you know someone who can make it from scratch.
  7. Perry, Email me at XXXspringspeeddemon@gmail.comXXX (drop the X's) I have the answers to your questions, but can't post photos here.
  8. Do you think that there were a lot of manufacturers with external contracting hydraulic brakes? I don’t do computers too much, and have no idea how to post a photo.
  9. I have a. chassis with #5 Buffalo wire wheels and external contracting hydraulic brakes. We think it is late 20’s or 30’s. Thank You