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  1. Some sellers make it easy to walk away. Too many good cars to even look at this one.
  2. Looking for the painted front frame rail cover left side for 901, likely the same as all 900 series.
  3. Could not agree more, take them out and show them, even to local restaurants etc. We do a drive in at a local bar-b-que joint every Tue. night, just show up. You will be amazed how many people come by to see the 40 to 50 cars that randomly show up each week. People love my 32 Packard and take photo's standing in front of it. No telling how many kids get the bug, or where. We are responsible for the future of this sport, even if it is a hot rod Honda Civic with a bumble bee muffler.
  4. Yea, this is definitely an old school kind of place in Conway SC. Everyone there should have retired 10 yrs ago. They had maybe 150 blocks on the floor, and 50 crank shafts hanging from the ceiling. They do a lot of local race track kind of stuff, along with big diesel farm tractors. He said he has done several Packard Straight 8 blocks over the years, but most were cracked from freezing up north. Fortunately mine is a CA. car, then to Fla, then to Minn. but must have had antifreeze, because no sign of abuse. He charged me $ 30 to install a new ring gear, I could not get the money out of my pocket fast enough. This car was in West Petersons family, so pretty well cared for prior to my ownership.
  5. I don't know guys, if it is worth fixing, then it is worth fixing right. Bore and sleeve is the way to go. I just did my 901 Packard and it only cost $ 1,000 to soak the cylinder block, bore and sleeve back to standard dia. Egge had the pistons on the shelf, and I was back in business in 2 weeks. Fooling around with a hone is OK, but having perfect bores is more important to me.
  6. IT is not a 32, wrong dash. It is a 31, and yes it is way too much for that car in that condition. $30K buys something drivable and presentable.
  7. The term "rare", should only be used to describe a steak.
  8. Got some rainy day specials for my Packard, all the vendors I bought from were happy to have any business on Thursday, even rare parts.
  9. No doubt that the wood was painted prior to assembly, at least primer or what was back then called "red lead". Take a razor blade cutter like an exacto knife, and see if there are any chips that can be removed from the crack. That might tell you if red lead was used to paint the wood prior to its original assembly. It would likely be there to protect to the wood from moisture. Red Lead was also available in a putty form to close gaps for assembly just like this. However as you point out, the dissimilar materials will expand and contract at different rates, so the only solution it to dissemble, repair the gap, and paint both items separately, then reinstall, which I would bet is how it was built originally, and live with the crack that will inevitably occur. If you want to seal it with sealer, then I would use 3M 5200 which is paintable. Mask both sides with fine line tape, and use the least amount possible. Run your finger down the seam multiple times to remove all but the necessary filler. When you remove the tape, then run your finger down the seam one last time to smooth out the tape line. It will dry in 24 hrs. and stay for years. However personally, I would live with the crack.
  10. Been buying e-free 91 and 93 here in SC. But when I lived in MD could not find it, so went to a local small airport and got 100 oct e-free. Lots of old airplanes out there, so e-free is going to be available for a long time. We don't want those old planes falling out of the sky. I understand all gas produced by refineries is e-free, then they blend in the ethanol for local market.
  11. Frankly, I miss the mud, but what I really miss is those Oliver tractors pulling people out, man those things could sure pull.
  12. Marine Tex works well too in big and small cracks. Available at West Marine. Comes in a small size too, so you don't have to buy a large container of stuff you only use once.
  13. Does anyone know Jay Leno's contact info ? I bet if he knew the company does not make them any more, he might start something. Technology is surely available. Also looked at Brake-Lighter at Hershey last year, they install in the rear window.