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  1. Thanks for the advice and moral support, everyone. Anyone else have anything to add
  2. Yes, one of the first things I did. Even put a couple of washers under the spring to increase the tension..it didn't do much.
  3. Thanks, Rusty the previous owner told me the crank had been turned. And it had been line bored. He said there was trouble getting main bearings and was not sure what they ended up using. It got a new set of rings (std) and the pistons were knurled. Plus a valve grind. It worries me what I will find when I take it apart! That's why I considered the temp. engine. Greg
  4. Thanks,"Grimy". your advice is along the same lines I'm thinking. I am worried that this engine has been butchered and therefore is going took take longer to do. I envy the person who can stick to one car... having an assortment hinders getting things done! It's why I am considering putting the other engine in for the meantime. Dimensionally, it looks pretty close but, the issues that hChris pointed out will need to be checked closely. I have heard of someone putting a 50s Plymouth engine in a 1934 Plymouth with the short water Jacket. In the meantime, if anyone else has had experience with this or knows someone that has, I would welcome further comments! Greg
  5. Well, fill me in. This is precisely why I am asking for input. I am very concearned about what has been done to this engine. I am at the point where I would like to find an original, unmolested engine and start over. Problem is finding one. This is going to take time, time away from enjoying this car. It is a true survivor with only 59,000 original miles. I intend to keep it as original as possible, ignoring many suggestion of updating it with a V-8!
  6. Hi, I nearly bought this car 40 years ago. At that time the engine was in pieces. I let the deal go, and found the car again last year. I bought it in April. It had been put back together and had not run for 20 years. The engine was reported to have been rebuilt. Long story short, , I bought it as is. I got it running,no knocks, but it had little or no oil pressure. A quick check of the usual suspects turned up nothing. I took the oil pump out, the old gear type. i had a newer type rotary pump, but it is too short for this engine. I ended up using the longer shaft in the rotary pump. Back in the car, i could now get 15-20 PSI oil pressure. Not enough! Ended up pulling the oil pan. found a cracked fitting on the supply tube to the pressure relief valve. Aha! fixed that up, no difference. While I was in there, I plasti-gauged one of the mains. .003" clearance. I think it should have been half of that. At this point, I think it will have to come out and apart. I have a good running engine that came out of a 50 or so Dodge.My idea was to put it in as a temp while i check the original. Wanted to see if anyone else has done this?
  7. I have a 1934 Chrysler CA 4 Dr. Sedan. Was looking for info on what newer Chrysler flathead 6 will bolt in for temporary use while I get the correct one sorted out? Thanks, Greg
  8. I have a 1934 Chrysler CA 4 Dr. Sedan. Was looking for info on what newer Chrysler flathead 6 will bolt in for temporary use while I get the correct one sorted out? Thanks, Greg