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  1. Anyone have a stand for a 1934 passenger side head lite? ( Ca Model ) Harry HRB 973 202 9250
  2. Hi Mark, I'm Interested in the Garnish moldings all the way around. And also the crank hole cover and grille shell and insert. Harry 973 202 9250 6 .17 .21
  3. Hi Merric33, If you're still in need of the dash panel, I think I can help you with it. It might be pitted but will be usable and not pricey. I can send you a picture. Harry 973 202 9250 NJ ( Northern Area)
  4. Hi Lescor, I have them available for mounting the windshield. There is a left and a right to the set. I'm new to the site and am still having to get to know how to work it! Harry 973 202 9250 New Jersey (North Section) Still need them, give me a call.
  5. Hi 5w30, The fenders look in very good shape. They're are for a PC model and the price is not unreasonable. I would be interested if they were PD. Do you have any other parts for Ply or Dodge or Chrysler? I'm looking for a Head Lite stand for a 34 Chrysler Ca Model. Have one or know of one?
  6. Have you tried finding an interchange listing for that. I don't know if there is one but it would be worth a try. On another note, I'm looking for a head lite stand for my 34 Ca Chrysler, Passenger side. Mine has a crack going accrossed the top and I would like a backup before I try to repair it. If you know of one or have one please let me know. Thanks in advance. ( 10--Q) Harry 973 202 9250
  7. Hi John, How much are you talking on the trans and how is it engaged( cable or electric? Harry 973 202 9250
  8. Hi Parrish, I'm good with my motor but I'm hoping you can help me out with a head lite stand for my 34 Chrysler Ca Sedan. I need a passenger side. Mine has a crack across the top and before I try repairing it I'd like one to fall back on. Do you have one or know of one I can Buy? Harry 973 202 9250 Thanks in advance.
  9. The windshield frame is not for a Mopar. N/C Industries in Sayre PA has reproduction windshields that are of the highest quality and are complete with glass and rubber seal ready to mount. The number is 570 888 6216 I've bought several from them and have always been pleased with the product. Also, the door window unit for the PE Ply is the same unit used in Dodge and Chrysler. Keep in mind that the sedan is not the same as the coupe. If you would want more info, feel free to email me. I also have a lot of parts available for 33 34 Ply -some Dodge. For anyone in the Forum that knows where I can uptain a headlite stand for a34 Chrysler CA coupe/ sedan--Passenger side--I'd like to know. Mine has a nasty crack in it and I don't feel safe trying to repair it until I have a standby. Any help is appreciated. HRB harrybootsma6@.com
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