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  1. I have finally found my dash http://www.srpmstreetrods.com/srpm/1933-34-plymouth-dodge-car-original-dash-40288be856a1a9e10157fc40f11e455f-p.html They make the original 33 as well as a 'smoothy' version. I went with the smoothy coupled with their dash extension. Fun days ahead.
  2. Thank you for the info! It seems like everyday I work on the car becomes a new adventure with the unique engineering I encounter.
  3. I am looking for an entire dash for my 1933 Plymouth PD. The car had been rebuilt in the 70's and they cut the original dash out with cutters and replaced it with a DIY plywood dash... So, I am hoping to find the entire original dash. The picture shows where they cut it off and what I need. I don't need the gauges. The glovebox would be nice. I assume I will need to weld this back in unless someone knows (and shares) of a way to officially remove the dash. From what I have found, it seems to be part of the body. I will go the fiberglass route if need be. Any info will be appreciate
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