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  1. looking to buy complete set of skinned knuckles magazines
  2. Can I use a WIX 51010 or Fram C4 Cannister Filter in my D8 or what is the recommended replacement. I have heard that I can rinse the original with Kerosene to clean but that does not sound correct.
  3. Sorry engine number D8 32574 body D8 5256TTD
  4. I have a 38 Dodge with the following engine numbers and firewall body tag Can anyone tell me how to decipher these and what they mean????
  5. Do you have a knob on the base side of the drivers seat?
  6. I am trying to figure out how to move the seat to access my battery on my 39 Dodge. I know it’s under the front driver seat but I can’t budge the seat to see the battery cover. There is a knob sticking out of the front side of the drivers seat and I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to move the front seat out of the way to get to the battery. I am putting in an optima Red Top 6v
  7. Looking for outside Drivers door mirror for my 38 Dodge
  8. I am looking for rebuilt wiper motor or someone that can rebuild, any recommendations?
  9. Looking for someone to rebuild 38 Dodge D8 WIper Motors. I have about 5 motors but only think 1 is to the Dodge. How do I tell which ones I have?
  10. Can anyone point me to a good reproduction source for a 6v battery for a 38 Dodge
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