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  1. Matt I did not mean to infer that you were any thing less a stand up dealer. I just put my wife in a nursing home so in a few days I will tell you why I think I am qualified to comment on your nice 56 Olds. Dan olds
  2. Very nice Olds but I suspect the milage. The odometer numbers do not line up.a sign that its been turned back. The paint on the valve covers does not match the paint on the intake manifold. The oil pan and the hydro should be green. THe under coating on the tail pipe bracket should show signs of heat.
  3. Use type A in the old hydros.The old hydros do not run hot.
  4. Was the oil clean and pink or was ti brown? The old hydros did not use rubber O rings like later transmissions they used rings ,think tiny piston rings. Mouse milk swells up the rubber seals in latter transmissions but ti will not do much in a hydro.
  5. If you are going to drive a Duesenberg you need new rods.
  6. Yes, I have volt meter wired to my brain. With a ammeter ti will show all current leaving and entering the battery. i have
  7. Any 6 cyl. 6 volt coil will work. For the starter run a number 1 size cable to the starter switch for the body feed run a # 12 wire to the volt meter from the starter switch. From the other side of the volt meter run one wire to the voltage regulator,one to the headlite switch one to the ignition switch.
  8. Thanks for the parts leed they have what we need. Dan
  9. The 37 is a pickup with 350 Chevy. Could use more brakes. The front wheel bearings 37-up on all Mopars are all the same for many years,so I would think the spindles are all the same also.I am thinking brakes from 46-48 Chrysler might be doable.
  10. Can 40s-50s Chrysler front brakes be made to fit a 37 Plymouth? Dam Griffin
  11. To go with your new 1942 DeSoto I have a new 1942 DeSoto 10x14 full color 14 page sales book. No overdrive but it shows factory A/C. If you are interested give me a call. 479-973-4331 Dan Griffin
  12. The bushings may be worn allowing the arnachure to drop down and rub. When things get hot they expand and take what clearance it had when cold. Check battery voltage when cranking cold 9.5 to 10 volts. Crank when hot if the voltage is less then 9 volts the armature is rubbing. The armature shaft may be bent from heat and that would make it drag. Griffin Auto Electric
  13. 73 Fleetwood - 75 all models - 76 Fleetwood all in good condition. $10.00 for all + shipping Dan Griffin
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