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  1. Go on eBay and look for convex clock lenses. Available in many sizes
  2. As J&J mentioned - Paper Pulleys - this is a rare case of being able to buy new brass era parts from the original manufacturer.
  3. There's no number - you use Facebook messenger to contact the seller in most FB ads. You'll need to make yourself an account - that doesn't mean you have to use it for other stuff!
  4. I think he meant Horseless Carriage site! hcca.org.
  5. Compression ratio and operating speed for early engines are rarely mentioned - but both are quite low, due to the metallurgy and designs. Car engines are (usually) a step up from hit & miss engines - which can run slower than 1 rotation per second (60 RPM). I've heard a single cylinder Olds running perhaps as slow as about 100-200 RPM anyhow - with a later style carb. (which has better adjust-ability) The brush could be similar. I expect the C/R might be around 4:1 - maybe even less, probably not much more. I've thought more than once about digging up a tachometer that can measure these ca
  6. Max - Did you ever find any plates? I'm looking for one plate for a 1909 touring (yours looks shorter and curved - a runabout?). A weathered one would be great, and match what's on my car. Roger
  7. How are you going to measure anything with only one meter lead connected? Connect one side to a good ground, then you can start to measure the voltage.
  8. Nice photo Frank - It's known for knocking Barney Oldfield upside down in 1905. There's a few references on firstsuperspeedway - be sure to follow the links to pdf's and articles. Referenced as "32 hp" - and the stock REO 2 cylinder was 20 HP. https://www.firstsuperspeedway.com/search/node/reo bird Referred to as the REO Red Bird in this article - http://airportjournals.com/barney-oldfield-master-driver-of-the-world/?fbclid=IwAR05ysG6VGoqR2_gMZPtPOR71zO_51IgKV3JU0lwZgXpMsL-TeRemD7fu3U Another photo and some good clippings here on The Old Motor, in 19
  9. There's a nice1912 Crow Elkhart touring listed for sale on the HCCA site on 2/2/2018. https://www.hcca.org
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