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  1. wangwilko

    Headlight clips needed

    You might need to post a photo to help. Peter
  2. Looking for one headlight bolt spring and mounting clip like in photo. Also require 7 5/8" reflectors for 1936 Mopar. Peter
  3. wangwilko

    Headlight sping, clip and reflectors

    Thanks Curti, will do.
  4. wangwilko

    headlight reflectors

    Looking for headlight reflectors for my 1936 Desoto they are 7 5/8" does anyone have 1 or a set for sale, I have good set approx. 8" which I purchased and were in incorrect box. - Peter
  5. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto Headlight Reflector

    Looking to purchase 2 Headlight reflectors for my 1936 Desoto, I assume Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth would also suit. The bucket opening is 7 5/8". Had purchased a good set a few years ago but they are 8", the seller included side of original box which said Do-Ray Lamp Co no 96 and it said fits 1936 Plymouth P1 and P2, Desoto, Dodge, Studebaker, Nash 36-37, Dodge Truck and Plymouth truck. I might be wrong but I think his boxes may have been mixed up. Peter.
  6. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto Front Wheel Felt Seal

    Hi, does anyone know where to get felt dust seals from. I had bought some recently but they turned out to fit 1936-42 Dodge 1-830707 LHS. The part number I believe is 632174 and is to suit frame on RHS. Thanks Peter
  7. wangwilko

    1936 Chrysler engine parts, C7

    Do you have the studs that are used to hold breather pipe bracket to side of engine. Peter
  8. Looking for 1 x 1 3/8" brake cylinder cup expander for my 1936 Desoto. Also looking for pistons to suit.
  9. wangwilko

    1936 Dodge

    Thanks Steve, very keen. I would need them to go to the exporter i use. Would pay for potage and package. Could you check overall length again. Peter
  10. wangwilko

    1936 Dodge

    Would they suit 1936 Desoto, Peter
  11. wangwilko

    1936 Headlight spring clip layout

    Looking for a photo of the spring / clip layout for a 1936 Desoto bucket. I have a few flat clips and ones with springs and not sure what the layout is. Is there an easy way to clean them up for re-use. Thanks Peter
  12. Is there a trick on getting the trumpet to unscrew out of horn. I have seen a few where people attempt this and twist the hell out of the trumpet. I am re-building and need to flip it around half a turn so it faces the vent grill. Mine looks to have white stuff in the thread which may be some kind of lock tight goo used back in the day not sure. Any help or pics greatly appreciated.
  13. wangwilko

    1936 How to undo Dodge Desoto Horn trumpet

    Thanks, i will try the soaking. I had undone the nut and i was not prepared to twist too much. I am making 2 out of 3 i have. I have rotated the inside part by undoing bolts so that where it attaches to the horn bracket on gaurd support it is correct. Just another quick question what size are the bolts holding horn bracket to guard bracket looking at existing holes the bolts may be an over design. I may post photo so we are on the same page, Peter.
  14. wangwilko

    Wiring Loom Manufacture

    Looking at getting a wiring loom made for my 1936 Desoto. Have done the search on the internet and came up with Harness Unlimited, YNZ Yesterdays Parts and Narragansett Reproductions (Rhode Island) there are probably more which I don't even know about.. Can anyone give me their experiences with theirs being made and possibly steer me towards the one with the least pain and most original. On another note I picked up a boxed NOS wiring loom made by REMAX and it has 1937-38 Dodge on the side. Would this suit my purpose or would lengths course more grief than it is worth and best to get one specific to my Desoto and on sell this to a Dodge owner. Peter
  15. Why not have them re-sleeved, I had my Desoto;s stepped rear cylinders sleeved with stainless steel and now will not have to touch them again. You have the brake cylinder, saves grief of trying to find replacement. Peter
  16. wangwilko

    1936 plymouth

    I have a 1936 Desoto which I am rebuilding the brakes, all apart as part of restoration. Do you want a photo of the brass connector which has the Y section to hold in place and hole for bango bolt ? These were only used on the front or rear, will have to check for you. If this is correct I will get a couple for you and send through. Peter
  17. wangwilko

    Hood latch Desoto 1931

    This is what i saw, maybe it could be modified but the top looks similar.
  18. I am looking to get someone to re-manufacture running board matting for my Airstream Desoto. A guy in Canada said he can do them. I was mainly looking for recommendations by members who have had them made and happy with the final product. Also what is a good glue, I was hearing windscreen glue does the job ??? Peter
  19. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto Replacement Running Board Mat

    Thanks everyone for your information that has helped a lot. Mine has the mats on steel core which then fits to running boards with tabs. 36 D2 Coupe i will send some photos to you and some measurements. I have been using a guy in Muncie to get larger parts back to Auz. Regards Peter W
  20. wangwilko

    Hood latch Desoto 1931

    Have a look on ebay. I did a search on 1936 desoto and ones came up similar. I will try and post the photo later. Peter
  21. wangwilko

    Bucket headlight bolt springs

    How much for the 4 curved bolt springs. Peter
  22. wangwilko

    1936 plymouth

    jpage, I have a 1936 Desoto and that is how mine is also set up. The pin ended bolt is meant to hold the U section in place, Peter
  23. Looking for left hand side headlight stand to suit 1936 Desoto Airstream. Have right hand side to trade if required or if someone is looking for one. Any email leads greatly appreciated. Also after the rear pinched end bumper bar to complete my ground up restoration. I have had some contact with some forum members who have these parts, but they will not sell to anyone outside America. I find it sad that I am restoring a beautiful American car in Australia and this is the brick wall. Looking for someone who has these parts and will sell to me. Thanks Peter
  24. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto airstream bumpers wanted

    Hi Uptowndodge, we already had this conversation back in May and you would not sell to someone outside America. Thanks, Peter W