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  1. I came across this cool original showroom book. The book is roughly 8" wide and 4" tall. PAINT SAMPLES It has samples of the paint colors originally offered at the release of the car. (colors added in the spring were not in this book) Each paint sample is approximately 6 3/4" x 3 3/4". The samples included in the book are - Mandarin Maroon - Como Blue Metalic - Lyon Blue - Acadia Green - Folkestone Gray - Cloud Mist Gray - Sahara Sand - Black FABRIC SAMPLES 2 fabric samples and 2 leather samples are included but not labeled. I brochure I found called them: - Bluegray Bark weave Broadcloth - 2 tone Bedford Cord - Saddle Brown Leather - Red Antique Extremely hard to find piece
  2. I recently picked up an incomplete set of this Miller Brake tool. Came with sleeves 30, 31, 32, 44, 47. Missing sleeves 41 & 70 along with all important tee fitting that goes over the sleeves and holds the pin. Not sure if anything else is missing. If anyone has any of the pieces I'm missing or good dimensions of them, I would be interested. Never like to see an incomplete tool set. Also could use a good photo of the chart that show which sleeves are used for what. The above ones are a little fuzzy in areas.
  3. Very similar to the 1950 Dodge Plymouth Dome light
  4. I believe this is a Mopar Light but there is a chnce it is not.. The bezel measures 1 3/4" x 3 1/4" so I believe it is a courtesy light rather than a dome light. It resembles some of the early 50s dome light shapes however the glass ribs of the curved portion run with the curve rather than perpendicular to the curve. I was hoping someone might know what it goes to. I don't know what other brands used this style light socket.
  5. I have a nice Left Rear Bumper Extension for a 1960 Plymouth Models Savoy, Belvedere and Fury. I don't know if this is New old Stock or redone but the chrome is really nice. Almost no pits. Fine scratches and very small imperfections. Great driver piece. Probably want to rechrome for show quality Some light surface rust on the back but that might even clean up too. It is hard to show the chrome imperfections (big or small) in a picture. Here is a short video Hope this helps. $100 plus shipping
  6. You got to look close, but he is painting the white walls on the tires. Can of Paint is sitting on the corner of the dust shield of the bumper. Back tire has not been done yet. My dad talked about doing this.
  7. I can across this NOS speedometer that has an AMC shipping ticket. The part number is 000999747 but there is no date on the ticket. This speedometer does not remark about Unleaded gas only so I suspect it is prior to 1974. It is 0 to 90 MPH and has slots for TEMP & FUEL gauges. It has a high beam lense along with idiot light lenses for AMPS & OIL and right and left turn signal arrows. I suspect around 70 -73 JEEP CJ-5, CJ-6 but I haven't been able to confirm. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Even the last Plymouth to roll off the line had chrome bumpers.
  9. Anyone have a 35 Mopar parts book to know if that is what this is?
  10. The Closest I can get is this exploded view of a D2 D5 D8 Transmission showing the Transmission Gear Shift Rail Assembly, and pictures from my 36 - 42 Plymouth Parts List that are similar pieces. The 1936 -37 1st & Reverse Rail is 654212 and the Second and Direct is 686617 for most Mopars, so the numbers are in a similar range and the pieces look similar. I'm guessing 1935 Mopar but it would be nice to know.
  11. Trying to identify this part. I believe it is a mopar but not totally sure, possibly a shift rail. Painted number appears to be 631894. Embosed numbers are 63186 ? Also MS467 and DF28 L.. Thanks in advance
  12. I was surprised how many woodies I saw. I've watched about 20 Minutes so far and have seen at least 3. I've driven on most of these streets and am fascinated on what has changed and what has not. But I love seeing the cars and the colors of everyday life.
  13. This film appears to have been shot in the late 40s and explains the development and operation of the streecars in omaha. I am sharing it to this site as there are plenty of old cars driving around trying to get out of the way of the streetcars. And most is in color. Let me know if it doesn't belong here and I will be happy to remove it.
  14. I have one dove tail latch. Are you still looking?