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  1. Still looking for this skirt emblem, but for passenger side or right side. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. what’s the center to center measurement of the top outside bolt holes if it works on my car I’ll buy it back
  3. Did you use the one you got from me? If not can you send me the center to center measurement please I might need it but maybe make deal for overdrive transmission
  4. I need metal channel for 36 Desoto custom it’s a two piece fixed windshield. I need the metal channel that goes in a rubber windshield seal before mounting. Thanks in advance
  5. Now that we’re on same JPage can someone help me out. Thanks in advance
  6. Yes I got a clean set for my airstream, but like I said earlier I’m not trying to be 100% correct I got lil taste of the whole Mopar Familia.
  7. Ok they are 37’s but if I a right side one they will go on one of my sets for sure, thanks dpcdfan appreciated
  8. Yeah I got a set with those emblems also for my 36 Dodge, but mine have the two piece Art Deco stainless and one painted strip under those. I’m not going 100% stock. I want my Dodge to look good and plain just don’t cut it with me. I’ve seen this emblem I’m looking for in a Dodge accessory pamphlet showing these for 36 Dodge. That’s the main reason I’m after them, second reason is I think they are one of the harder emblems Mopar put out since you rarely see them. Here’s a 100% stock 36 Dodge coup that was a big $ sell, what emblems is he running? Wouldn’t you think a guy with that car knows what belongs on it? I know I do, but I think they all pretty much are cool. At least we got skirts. Good to hear from you though Mr. Page your Knowledge and advice is always welcome and appreciated.
  9. Looking for this skirt emblem but opposite side. Passenger side is the side I need. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Uptowndodge


    Post on Desoto someone is looking to get in touch with you.
  11. Good luck with Dave, he’s a trucker who drives 24/7 12 months a year 24 hrs a day never sleeps, eats, only there if it’s good for him. Dodge city is a ghost town.
  12. Is it a overdrive transmission? If so I have one from a 36 Desoto Airstream pm me for more info
  13. Rough but better than nothing. I was told it’s for a 38 Dodge. $50 plus the ride.