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  1. Here’s a Mopar mid 30’s automatic choke with box $140 plus shipping
  2. Here’s a few parts I found in my storage for 86-91 FXR’s
  3. Mid 30’s nos automatic choke $140 plus shipping
  4. Mid 30’s automatic choke NOS I’ll take $140 plus shipping
  5. Here’s a mid 30’s NOS Mopar automatic choke in the box I’ll take $140 plus shipping
  6. A person can and should ask whatever they want, but I wouldn’t ask $85k just to be clowned by a few guys here. I think he did this to himself. Hell I got a bunch of crap for asking $2500 for my banjo steering wheel, I can’t even imagine the comments if I was asking $15,000 same like asking $85,000 for a $25,000-$30,000 car. One thing a lil different I got my $2500 at least one of us got paid.
  7. Nice car but he’s out of his mind $85,000 come on
  8. That looks killer very nice work 👍🏼
  9. Hard to tell without at least pics but what really bothers me is can someone tell me for example a 36 Chevy let’s say real clean driver and a 36 Dodge four door trunk back both cars. The Chevy get anywhere from 8k. -12 k more. I don’t get it. Mopar basically no wood, hydraulic brakes, and a better motor than a GM 207 can someone tell me what’s up? I Don’t Get It
  10. We know Greg if it was on west coast you would buy it
  11. Here’s a set of artillery wheels off a 36 Dodge. These will all Mopar cars of that year maybe not Airflows but really not sure. These have been powder coated a medium grey and are pretty nice. I have them listed on another site for $500 but I’m offering them for $400 plus shipping here for the fellas on the forum. Thanks for looking
  12. Here’s a 36 Dodge grill center car or truck in real nice condition. Not show but real nice driver condition. Has one lil crack at bottom left corner where the crank hole cover mounts but I’m gonna repair before shipping. $800 plus shipping
  13. I bought two from knobless and they are great. Problem is I sold one of my 36’s so I have one I’ll sell you. If you want one I’ll sell for what I paid $225 many guys from this site have bought from Steve and they can tell you that these are a very quality made.
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