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  1. Wondering if anyone can ADD there experience with locating carpet for interiors. What vendors have you found? (Feb 2021 Who is still in business?) What is acceptable for BCA judging of vehcles? Have the rules in Judging been adapted for what the vendors / suppliers are manufacturing? Is Blue available?
  2. selling for a friend 1963 Buick Wildcat Hello all you vintage car buffs out there. Price reduced from $9500 to $6500, or make us a reasonable offer. Virtually every part of the car is original and it's in excellent running condition, a garaged vehicle with Less than 70,000 miles on the 445 engine. Car is being garaged in the Green Bluff area, just north of Spokane WA. If interested in taking a look, or would like additional info It is listed on Spokane.Craigslist.org for more photos and information. Thanks in advance for your interest. Susan Banke (509) 238-9605 susanmbanke@gmail.com
  3. wanted to buy April 2019 1953 Buick Super / Roadmaster 50/70 series grille email at <inlandnorthwestbuick@gmail.com> its going to Spring any day now
  4. thank you, I will put you down to contact in ? three weeks? regarding this front end. Thank you sir
  5. so is my vehicle (rusty and pitted) I would love to work with something as currently I have nothing to work with and it is far from being on the road or a points contender, would love to see an image of it if at all possible.
  6. your email signature shows you may still have 1953 parts vehicles? I am still seeking a 1953 50/70 series (I have a 76r) grille
  7. Thank you for your dedication and time. Enjoy the new adventures
  8. Spokane has a Buick Club of America regional chapter. Inland Northwest Buick chapter (www.inlandnorthwestbuick.org) and you may email us at <inlandnorthwestbuick@gmail.com> from central Washington, to Bonners Ferry, Moscow Idaho, Sandpoint Idaho, Western Montana meetings are third Thursdays of each month 6pm Conley's Place Restaurant 12622 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA
  9. here is your chance , this was posted only a few hours ago
  10. So Mr Earl This leads into; I have some information I am getting ready to post because I often see confusion for so many other with regards to the 1953 and 1954 headlight bezel and inserts. I have photographed both front and back of each a 53 and a 54 bezel, have also a chart with dimensions of each. I am just about finished, however I wonder now are all models of the 1953 buick, (40,50,70, + skylark) the same, while 1954 buick (40,50,70) the same . or are there differences between models/series, if so then I am to continue on my documentation and info for my post. I ask this because a recent purchase of 1953 mustache bar ends wound up being for a special (40) (smaller) and I am building a roadmaster. jeff
  11. http://www.reachoo.com/ads/72336126 http://www.autozin.com/1953-buick-roadmaster----5000--nampa--101171-atzlisting?utm_source=Claz&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=global&trmsource=gtpfeed
  12. sent you a message with my info I am very interested and would like to purchase.
  13. Mr. Earl I would be interested in and am seeking parts for a 53 2dr roadmaster. Missing the "V" from front hood ornament and other parts from the front grille area, the curves at end of mustache bar L/R. wondering if you have a list posted or I maybe I could just send you a list of things I am seeking
  14. 1953 OLDSMOBILE 88 "rocket 88" 4 dr / FOR SALE pics of 1953 Olds bring a trailer and cash $650 have a clean title sheet metal is good front clip is good / a few dings front glass is good rear glass is good untouched interior untouched motor and trans has most moulding and garnish missing front wheel hubs and mechanical bring a trailer and cash $650 NO trades I am not parting listed in Spokane Craigslist as well located in MEAD, WA (spokane wa) call jeff 509-389-9400
  15. 1962 DKW junior (x3) / FOR SALE NOW is your turn to own early german engineering "AUTO UNION" pre Audi package deal all 3 vehicles must go I have a video on youtube search (DKW Spokane) currently listed is Spokane Craigslist have titles to all three no motors no trans no front grilles convince your friends to buy these. repost this listing. bring a trailer and cash $800 (package deal) NO TRADES located in MEAD WA (spokane wa) call jeff / 509-389-9400
  16. 1950 Buick Super 4dr / FOR SALE pics of 1950 Buick $600 with a clean title. sheet metal is straight windshield is good back glass is good most side glass is cracked trim moulding / garnish mostly intact most interior is intact engine and transmission intact GONE (front bumper, front grill, rear bumper, radio and radio grill, passenger door mechanical & glass, drivers door mechanical & glass) will be moving it this weekend out of hibernation bring a trailer and cash $600 located in Mead WA (spokane wa) contact: jeff / 509-389-9400
  17. ********************************SOLD $400.00*********************** June 18th 1950 Buick Special 4 dr complete car, needs to go to a new home. / FOR SALE https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vkgof6ldw1wey1l/AAA4y4RgPJcyMpNkD87V-Ni2a?dl=0 left rear quarter has dent. other panels are straight windshield is good rear glass is good all side glass cracked interior unmolested engine and trans unmolested front clip in good shape. No Title to this car I will be moving it out of its hibernation this weekend May 21/22 - 2016 also posted to Spokane craigslist bring a trailer and cash $500 located in Mead WA (spokane wa) call: jeff 509-389-9400
  18. Selling (3) 1962 DKW junior s as a package deal $800.00 bring a trailer call Jeff 509-389-9400
  19. Have you seen these 1962 DKW juniors vehicles http://forums.aaca.org/topic/253604-1962-dkw-junior-all-3/ All (3) for $800, bring a trailer
  20. Here it is the end of September 2015 and I need to move, sell, trade, part out (?) these (3) 1962 DKW junior vehicles. somebody out there must need a project or some parts for these cars. I cannot bring myself to do what some family members have suggested, so please step up, the price is so negotiable at this point.
  21. you can search scott Pruett's 1950 Buick Wagon this may be the wagon under construction http://www.rosevillerodandcustom.com/finishedpage3.html here is a ton of images / an article on the wagon http://www.ebay.com/motors/blog/low-tide-scott-pruetts-1950-buick-woody/
  22. (3) 1962 DKW junior package deal. All the floors are rotten and deteriorated, no motors, 2 transmissions, all windshields are cracked, side glass and back glass are good in all 3, 1 set of tail light bezels, 3 rear bumpers, 2 front bumpers, have all seats, 2 dash clusters. Car #2 RR qtr is crushed / caved in. All three roofs got caved in a little (slightly) due to heavy wet snow falling off the trees they sat under for nearly 30 yrs. My Grandpa acquire them about 1974-1975, my father and I acquired them in 1984. I have titles for all three, they need to find a new home. select link for Youtube or search < 1962 DKW junior for sale Spokane WA > http://youtu.be/HFb2j0ADLpQ #DKWspokane #AUTOUNION #DKWjunior #DKW #micro #mini #car $3350.00 OBO
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