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  1. Medical issue. The car was in excellent shape. I just purchased this car in the condition you see. It was my neighbor's car from new. He wrecked it a few years ago and never drove after that. He and his wife recently passed away and the family was going to sell it to a body guy that ultimately was going to piece it out! I couldn't let that happen to this car as I knew it since I was a little kid. Now I'm scrambling for parts and garage space! Any help on parts I would be grateful!
  2. Auburncoupe, when I try to message you this is the message I get................... Your account has not yet met the minimum content item count requirement to send personal messages.
  3. The sight won't let me private message you since I just joined. Are you able to private message me with a price with shipping?
  4. I could use front end parts from the parts car. See my post looking for 1953 Buick parts
  5. I have an extra straight 8 and manual transmission from a donor car I'd like to sale
  6. Looking for 1953 Buick Special parts. I need a hood, hood ornament, core support, full front bumper and grill. Car took a telephone pole to the nose. I'm in the Latrobe/Pittsburgh area.
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