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  1. The price guide doesn't own, buy or sell cars. They are in business to sell a book. If you want to know how good they are find a car you want to buy in the guide. Then call them up and ask them to find you one for their price. Better yet call them up and get them to buy your car at their price.
  2. I enjoy 4 seat thunderbird ads that try very hard not to show the car is a hardtop.
  3. It was Henry Leland's good friend Byron J. Carter. He was injured and died later of an infection. Carter was the founder of Cartercar. He stopped to help a lady on the Belle Isle Bridge in Detroit who had stalled her car. While cranking her car he was injured. Leland then put up a reward for a self starting automobile. It was Kettering who worked for National Cash Register in Dayton Ohio who figured it out. Kettering realized that a started could be overloaded with current for a short time and survive. This was against electrical wisdom of the time. Mr. Kettering devised a system that took 4 6-volt batteries and put them in series through a finger switch to start the car on 24-volts. I have worked on this system and it is impressive.
  4. Here is a video of a 1909 Cadillac Model 30 being cranked and giving me a couple "free starts". A "free start" is when everything is set right and the car starts itself.
  5. Looks like the side of a 3 part rear window for a Cadillac Coupe circa 1948-1952? Not sure which one. But I would guess early 1948-1949.
  6. Beauty is often in the eye of the beer holder.
  7. Looks like a pump for a flathead Ford. The fuel bowl should be on top.
  8. That is a 1919 Ohio License Plate on the truck.
  9. The T has electric headlamps. So 1915?
  10. Packard would paint your car any color you wanted.
  11. Just a friendly reminder. The TITLE and VIN / SERIAL # are more important then the car in the eyes of the law.
  12. Maybe a distant cousin.
  13. Anything I have listed here would be a great car for you to enjoy: www.petersmotorcars.com
  14. SOLD. Photos at www.petersmotorcars.com Call if I can help. 419-668-1884
  15. I wonder what they were hunting? Quail? Rabbit? Jackalopes?
  16. Sure looks like a Lincoln. I can see the Greyhound mascot on the radiator cap.
  17. I don't know but that looks like the firing order is on the door.
  18. It is a car that has been hidden away for years. It is off the radar of even the most seasoned collectors. It is a shock when it is found. Just because your uncle put away his car dirty and left it sit in the garage for 20 years doesn't make it a barn find. If he has been talking about it the entire time at the local watering hole it wasn't hidden.
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