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  1. I think it was because all the brass is gone by 1915.
  2. Celebrity cars tend to have a hard life. Elvis once shot a Cadillac.
  3. It is always good to do a pre-flight check on any car you are about to drive.
  4. This whole thread should be removed. It is not about old cars and has the potential to get political very quickly...
  5. Military Jeeps or MB jeeps had no tailgate and a rear mounted spare. They were kept narrow to go through tight places. When the Civilian Jeep or CJ was given a tailgate the spare was moved to the side. Life expectancy for a Jeep in combat was 14 days. So servicing the chassis was probably not the first priority.
  6. I had the 1946 Willys out for a drive the around the farm a few nights ago.
  7. I had one run in with David Cotton. He tried to get me to send a car to his shop on an "if". He wanted the car and the title. He played the "we are all in this together" card. He told me he had multi millionaire clients that wanted all my cars but only trusted him. He wanted me to break every common sense rule of selling a car. Needless to say I did not do it.
  8. David Cotton of Bay City Motors Pleads No Contest to Larceny by Conversion. See story in link: Classic Car Dealer Pleads No Contest In Court (motorious.com)
  9. Sure you can adjust acetylene. Open the valve a little and the light is dim. Open the valve a lot and burn down your car. You can also adjust the forks.
  10. Florida is a title state. Call the Florida BMV and ask them.
  11. 1912 Brush Liberty Runabout. Travels around 20 mph. More fun per mile than can be measured!
  12. 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. CALL Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Absolutely Stunning. Exceedingly rare 1950’s Icon. Only 11,130 ever produced. This car is the real deal! One of the finest examples in existence. Unrestored Original with some preservation. Only 30,000 documented miles from new! Numbers Matching Engine, Chassis and Door Tag. Color code correct Dover White. Trim code correct Black convertible top with a White Boot. Trim code correct Black and White Leeds Grain Leather interior with Black Carpet. This Cadillac is powered by its original numbers matching 390 Cubic Inch 325 horsepower V-8. Dual Exhaust. Hyrda-Matic Automatic Transmission. Power Steering. Power Brakes. This Cadillac is equipped with lots of great options and features. Autronic Eye. E-Z-Eye Glass. Heater. Six-Way Power Seat. Radio with Power Antenna. Power Windows. Power Top. Clock. Door edge guards. Cadillac Floor Mats. U.S. Royal Wide White Wall tries. The doors lock and unlock with the key. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. Opportunities to own an automobile of this pedigree are few and far between. ONLY $199,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch this wonderful Cadillac in action:
  13. A C-47 Skytrain "Hairless Joe" visited my local airport yesterday.
  14. Sometimes "ONLY" before a price is used to let the pikers know that you are serious and know what you have.
  15. Easy Fix... When you go look at a car that was running good on the phone but has a knocking motor when you arrive and the seller says that is an easy fix. Or when you get photos of a car with rust holes through the floor and the broker selling the car says that is an easy fix. Or when you are looking at a car in an auction that has chrome instead of nickel trim and the "car specialist" (who was selling watches last week and boats 2 months ago) says that is an easy fix.
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