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  1. but wasn't demand much higher in 2018 and 2019 with lower cost?
  2. Leg Pipes... No Lake Pipes as in dry lakes land speed racing. Perfect... I have never seen a perfect car and never will. I have seen a lot that are close. Survivor... Every car ever made that still exists is a survivor. Some have just survived better than others. Driver... All cars are supposed to drive. I never understood the idea that a show car is not expected to drive and that a driver can't be a show car. Easy Resto... Run away do not pass go do not collect $100. The Guy... When you talk to a seller and he blames everything wrong with his car on the mysterious "Guy" before him. Good for the age... This means nothing. Good for the money... This means nothing as well. Museum Quality... You can put anything in a museum. They have petrified dinosaur droppings in museums. Concours... I have taken cars to concours events many times. Those cars were not perfect. Neither were any of the other cars. Mint... This is a term used to describe a brand new uncirculated coin. Unless a car just rolled off the assembly line it can not be mint.
  3. The term original has been abused and butchered terribly. Everybody says they have an original car. So when you truly have an original car nobody will believe that it is. I have had to take to saying "Unrestored Original" or "Original from the Cadillac Motor Car Company in 1959". I still don't think half the people I talk to understand.
  4. I had a 1931 Ford out for a drive today. What an excellent Ford!
  5. Infrastructure Bill Includes Per-Mile Road Tax Test That Will Track Drivers’ Travel (thedrive.com)
  6. 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster with Rumble Seat. Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884. Convertible. Outstanding! ALL STEEL! Off Frame Restoration to very high standards. Detailed Chassis. Excellent. Finished in ever popular Stone Brown with Tacoma Cream Wheels and Pinstripe. Brown Leatherette Interior and Rumble Seat. Tan Cloth Convertible Top with Side Curtains and Boot. Powered by Ford’s 200 cubic inch flathead 4-cylinder engine which was rated at 40 horsepower. Electric Start. Three Speed manual transmission. Equip with lots of great accessories. Dual Side Mounted Spare Tires with mirrors. Stone Guard. Quail Mascot. Wind Wings. Cowl Lamps. Rumble Seat. Trunk Rack with Trunk. Vacuum Windshield Wiper. Driver Side Mirror. Ford Script Step Plates. Shocks. Firestone Wide White Wall tires. Excellent Automobile for club events and touring. Ready to Drive, Show and Enjoy. $37,900 Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884 Located in Norwalk Ohio, 44857 "Home of the Fisher Brothers" Watch this great Ford in action:
  7. If you have to ask how much it costs to operate you don't buy it. But man it looks like a lot of fun!
  8. We had this fine Cadillac out for a drive on the Lake Road this morning. What an outstanding machine!
  9. It is a very nice museum. They are having an event in September and are going to have 2 Berkshires on display.
  10. We had this great Ford out for a 45 mile drive today. What an outstanding automobile!
  11. We had the 1940 Ford out for a 45 mile run this morning. What a great car.
  12. Yes it sure looks like they started with roadsters.
  13. I know of many pre-1920's cars. What is the most you can spend? When are you prepared to act? This lets me know if I can help you.
  14. Trucks were considered essential to the war effort. So a lot of trucks were built during the war. More so than cars. You had to proof of essential activities to purchase a new truck.
  15. I am trying to help you. The most important thing is the budget. Figure that out then only look at cars in that range. When you find your car go and buy it. Getting upset at others for recognizing a good deal and buying a car before you do will not find you a car. It is better to have a car and enjoy it than to look forever.
  16. I get people in my shop all the time that say "I can spend anything I want on a car!" Then after wasting a bunch of time they might have $10,000. Which is plenty to find a fun car. But you shouldn't be asking to test drive a brand new Ferrari. The days of the little old lady giving away a Duesenberg for $5 are long gone. Today most of the little old ladies think their 84 Corvette is worth $1,000,000. So setting a price range or getting pre qualified for a loan is the best route. When someone calls me to find them a car. But can't tell me their budget I tell them I can't help you.
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